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Best VPS Malaysia – Secure & Reliable Linux & Windows VPS

WebServer MY has experience in offering secure yet reliable Virtual Private Server (VPS Malaysia) packages. We help you getting your VPS server up immediately and you can install any application or software of your choice. Additionally this SSD VPS is best suited for complex web system developers, application developers, hosting resellers and corporates.


databaseReliable and Secure Private Server

All our server infrastructure well secured and extra protected with firewalls. So, for your private server we give you full control and freedom in your work. Moreover, our servers fully flexible with SSL certificate and other security add ones.

icon (1)Compatible with Windows & Linux

With our VPS you have superuser-level access to your favourite operating system instance, so you can install almost any software that runs on that OS. Our VPS packages are fully compatible with both Windows and Linux operating systems.

telemarketer (1)24/7 Call Support

Our proven ability to provide responsive and reliable last mile application call support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, make us stands out from another web host provider in the region.





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  • 75GB Web Space
  • 8 VCPU
  • 1GB Server Memory
  • 500GB Monthly Transfer
  • 5Mbps Bandwidth
  • Installation Fee RM250



Alt image
  • 100GB Web Space
  • 8 VCPU
  • 2GB Server Memory
  • 750GB Monthly Transfer
  • 5Mbps Bandwidth
  • Installation Fee RM250
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  • 100GB Web Space
  • 8 VCPU
  • 4GB Server Memory
  • 2000GB Monthly Transfer
  • 10Mbps Bandwidth
  • Installation Fee RM250
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  • 100GB Web Space
  • 16 vCPU
  • 8GB Server Memory
  • 2000GB Monthly Transfer
  • 10Mbps Bandwidth
  • Installation Fee RM250
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About Virtual Private Server (VPS)

If any of the above questions’ answer for you is YES,’s Virtual Private Server (VPS or VDS) is the answer for you.’s pre-configured Virtual Private Servers (VPS) can be used as a web server, mail server, database server, application server, e-business solution, corporate Intranet, DNS, reseller virtual hosting, live-streaming broadcast machine or anything that requires greater reliability, speed and a higher level of security.

We offer you cost efficient, “No Hardware, No Software, No Additional Manpower” approach to managing a company web and email system.

We don’t believe you should manage your own hardware, software and security services for your web and email. Instead, we’ve built a hosting solution that will allow you to outsource your entire web and email system. Immediately, you will save money for your company, free up valuable IT resources, and provide you a better hosting experience.

What is VPS?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a good option before you look for your own dedicated server for the site that has acquired considerable online presence and that need lower ratio of accounts per server.

Although Virtual Private Server (VPS) gives you limited numbers of sites in particular server but you can save cost by low monthly fees and still you can emailnjoy the features of dedicated server like custom-made Control Panel with high end hardware that include Dual Xeon Processors equipped with unlimited pop email, MSSQL Databases, Cold Fusion Site, email forwarding, Spam assassin anti-spam email processor, auto responders and many more features.

    What will do for you as your provider choice?

    • Identify Your Needs Based on your requirements, we will determine what servers, software, and hardware will best suit your current and future needs.
    • Provide Customizations We can provide support and integration with your existing infrastructure by customizing our application and working with your technicians to provide a seamless coexistence with your organization.
      Responsive Support

      Pro-active monitoring: we will monitor your Virtual Private Server (VPS) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our experienced technicians will automatically fix any problems that occurred.

      For standard support questions and concerns, our support staff is available via phone, email and via our online support ticketing system. For emergencies, you can contact us at our extended hour support number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We pride ourselves on our customer relations.

      We provide detailed help and solutions for the use of our email hosting services and software to your technical staff and your users. We will also provide you with and install upgrades to our software and operating system patches as they become available.

        Advantages of VPS


        Robustness like dedicated server environment

        Better resources allocation

        Affordable for higher traffic

        Host multiple domains

        Greater Reliability

        Better online profitability

        Powerful Server Specification

        Dell PowerEdge R710 Server

        Dual Intel Quad Core E5550 Xeon 2.26Ghz

        2 x 1TB HDD

        Raid 1

        96GB RAM

        Operating System: Microsoft Data Centre

        Webserver : IIS

        Got Question? Come and Find Us!

        Ask us on what you need, we will help you in no time!

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        Q: Why Choose Webserver

        A: serving clients across 70 countries from our initial base in Malaysia since 1999.Today we have grown to provide a mullti-location Dedicated Server and Virtual Private Servers hosting. Currently, we are managing over 1000 servers.

        Q: What is VPS?

        A: VPS is a Virtual Private Server, and is a virtualized server. A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and customers have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS.

        Q: What kind of virtualization does Webserver’s Instant VPS use?

        A: Kernal Based Virtualization is chosen because of its reliability.

        Q: Do you offer Windows services for Instant VPS?

        A: Windows based Instant VPS solutions are not currently available.

        Q: Do you offer Windows services for VPS?

        A: Yes, Windows based VPS solutions are available.

        Q: Is there any server backup service provided?

        A: Clients are responsible for their own backup.

        Q: How long does it take to setup an Instant VPS?

        A: Setup is instant once we receive your payment.

        Q: How long does it take to setup an VPS?

        A: Setup for VPS will be longer than Instant VPS with an approximate time within 24 hours, we will put the maximum effort on setting up your VPS.

        Q: What form of payment does Webserver require?

        A: Currently we accept all Major Credit Cards, Paypal and Online Banking Transfer.

        Q: Where is your data center located?

        A: The data center is located in Cyberjaya Malaysia.

        Q: Do you allow VPN & proxies on your server?

        A: Yes, we allow VPN & proxies on our servers.

        Q: Webserver’s Instant VPS provide free DNS hosting?

        A: Yes, only one DNS server service that comes with FREE.

        Q: How many domains I can host?

        A: There are no artificial domain limits, you control everything on your server.

        Q: Can I upgrade my plan?

        A: Yes. you may upgrade your existing plan by contact our sales team (

        Q: Can I have a refund?

        A:  No, we do not offer refunds.

        Q: Do you have any discounts for longer payment periods?

        A: Yes, we offer discounted price for all payment plans Quarterly, Semi-annual, and Annually.
        • Prices that are shown with inclusive of SST sign are inclusive of Streamlined Sales Tax.
        • Waiver fee for set up in product is only eligible for purchases in bundles, at least half yearly and above.
        • Additional cost will be liaise for add-ons services.
        • Servers will be hosted in MALAYSIA.
        • Backup and restoration services and firewall are not inclusive in package unless stated or purchased with add-ons.
        • Advertisement informations provided are strictly for advertising purposes only
        • WebServer Malaysia and ACSB will not be hold liable to any charges for any misconduct of servers, inconvenience caused, mishaps, and loss of data in conjuction to any failure of self-configuration to the setup.
        • WebServer Malaysia and ACSB has the right to uphold, suspend, configure and terminate any accounts suspected to perform any fraudulent and misconduct to the servers and services provided.
        • Please contact us for any inquiries.
        • These VPS/VPES hosting does not offer any refunds after server deliver.
        • Purchasing in means to agree to the terms of services here.

        Hosting Features

        Proven since 1999

        Proven since 1999

        Trusted Hosting

        Experience of transporting over 10 million emails daily and managing over 500 servers for clients across 70 countries. Assuring you peace of mind  when you choose us.

        Together with our experience, Google has chose us to be their Authorized Reseller for G Suite. Our specialised migration team will assist you in your migration when you use us.

        Satisfied Clients

        Satisfied Clients

        Peace of Mind

        Our recent survey shows that 98% of our clients are satisfied and happy with the services we provided. Assuring you quality service and respond time is our commitment.

        Complete Hosting

        Complete Hosting

        Outsourced Solutions

        We undertake all your web hosting infrastructures. We help your business to reduce IT infrastructure cost via complete outsourcing.

        24/7 Live Support

        24/7 Live Support

        Reliable and Responsive

        Nothing compare to be able to speak to someone when time in needs. Our professionally trained support team work around the clock to serve you.

        Referral Clients

        Referral Clients

        Referred Clients

        Most clients come to us via referrals. We have done mostly the right things that 92.5% of our existing customers would recommend our service to others.