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The importance of support service on web hosting

important-of-supportNo matter what business you’re in with your website, every minute of its uptime counts significantly for a reputation. A short downtime period can mean a drastic loss of profit for some websites and that can also mean some ultimate change for many lives. That’s why a responsive support service is an important factor for you to choose a web hosting company. It is a vital quality and resembles an important characteristic of a reliable web hosting company.

People without web hosting experience are usually blanketed by the superficial benefits of web hosting packages, and only to suffer at the end when they realize the importance of support service in times of crisis.

In today’s fierce web hosting competition, technologies and features are more likely the same. Many eventually jumped into the bandwagon of emphasizing their responsiveness of support service thus setting it as an industrial standard. Nonetheless, their competition has only given more benefits to the public.

A good support service is now considered to be the holy grail for web hosting business.
But on another view, some companies who handle large amount of customer are simply reluctant to provide such extra effort. Others who claimed to provide such service are only figuratively using it to leverage more sales. And while some promise a 24/7 support service, it is only meant for an adequate support that limits to none office hour and replaced by ticketing system.

So what is considered to be a good support service in web hosting? That would depend on what you are trying to give your website. If reliability is your pursue, then an acceptable respond time is one of the most important factor that determines a good support service. Depending on the severity of the concern at hand, the respond time can make or break your business in different situations.

The other important factor that contributes to a good support service is a notification. It is every web hosting’s responsibility to provide a timely notification in any cases of planned downtime regardless of how short or long it will be. This implies the level of professionalism by a web hosting provider. A simple step like this can easily help your website to retain visitors’ interest and encourage them to come back when the service is restored

The effectiveness of support service should also be taken into account as problems that go back and forth imply an ineffective communication system and/or problem solving ability that would cause a delay and affect your business. Another point for your checklist is to enquiry the specific type of support service. Many web hosting provider who claim to provide 24/7 support are actually taking the shift between the on-call technicians and online ticketing system on office and none office hours. Because your site will always be online, a 24/7 of support service is significant to your website.

Last but not least is simply the etiquette of service that will make you feel good after ending the call or feel irritated. What can be more irritating than speaking to a rude operator that lacks the understanding when you are calling for help as your business are losing profit during a downtime. As a serious person looking for a web hosting, it is important to find a company that practices such value of reliable support service. This reflects the credibility of the web hosting company. A good support service can outweigh many other benefits of web hosting because it encourages confidence in customers.