The high tech speed of malaysia ISP

If you asked any Malaysian internet user about the local internet connection, they’ll most likely give you a less-than-favorable respond. As ‘reputable’ as the local ISP is known to everyone, many envision the future of Malaysia ISPs opening more opportunities for entrepreneurs and attract more investors. But for now, the question of reliability issue precludes anyone from seeing any further. The reliability of ISPs affects the content and development of Malaysia industry. A short downtime can affect the company’s productivity in a great way. Some businesses could easily lost up to thousands of dollar within one hour and it is not uncommon for Malaysian companies to experience such predicament.ISP

In 1995, Internet begin to revolutionized Malaysia and in 1996, the growth of ISPs companies begun. Today there are 8 types of internet connection that you can fnid in Malaysia. They include cellular broadband, DSL, fibre optic, wireless broadband, hotspot, leased line, VSAT and WiMax. Each of these are tailored for different geographic and individual or organizational needs, and all have its pros and cons. With the recent technology development of Wimax accredited to private ISPs, the government aims to provide internet speed with no lesser than 1Mbp/s to 50% of domestic use sprawling more lucrative opportunities in the industry. Yet question of reliability is still at hand.

Despite the fiery competition among ISPs to provide better quality of internet connection, the price and speed remain questionable. You might notice some new ISP making a new footstep into the market with their intensified advertisement that you might be intrigued with their amusing creativity. And you might notice how threatening it could be for some ISP to begin hammering back to defend their territory. Despite those nuisances, prices and speed does not differ noticeably. Obviously, you do see more variety of cheaper packages offered, but take a closer look and you will notice that the price shrink with the speed. To be exact, price for better internet connection did not move bit much, it is just more variety of packages that are on the market.

Years ago, Malaysia ISP was mainly monopolized by a government-linked company. We all know what happens to monopoly service, they control the industry and they become less sensible with the needs of other. Now with more competition on the heat, satisfaction of services becomes more of the judging factor for user’s choice. With only a few major ISPs in the nation, everyone yearn for more options so ISP companies would eventually realized the need to provide better speed and price. Whereas savvy technology of wireless connection reached the market, any internet hardcore users would know the fact that it has not truly reached a point of wired stability.

Nonetheless, we must thank the government plan for the development of society; one such as the MSC vision would take the ISP industry to the next level. Such aim to develop nation’s resources through better technology infrastructure environment will allow more potential growth for the internet as well as the web hosting industry to enable the nation to benefit from a cyber lifestyle in future.