The downside of “great” hosting packages

84405982Necessity is the mother of invention and the shift towards speed and convenience has shrunk the sizes of computer chips and replaced workmanship with automated machines and software, creating an economic system motivated by profits. Selling web hosting today is just like selling fast food and leads one to forgetting the significance of server’s stability and reliability that affects the uptime of a website. In daunting economic reality and fierce market competition, many web-hosting companies become an opportunist in manipulating and deluding public opinions as their last resort to increase short-term sales. It’s understandably a nature of corporate defense mechanism to ensure its survival in the industry. Those with little knowledge can easily be swayed by their misleading advertisement and extraordinary claims and those who are experienced will smirk knowingly of such unrealistic promises.

After eleven years of being testified by clients, has empirically proven its effectiveness in delivering reliable web hosting to its clients by providing consistent uptime and beyond customer support standards. Their achievement lies in their philosophy in the appreciation of the art of workmanship and their emphasis of quality delivering. All staffs have been trained professionally to proactively engage in any web hosting affairs. Reliability and round-the-clock manned support is what distinguished from others in many ways. With a desire to outdo itself in the world of web hosting industry, believes the importance of being transparent in its conduct and its role of corporate social responsibilities to educate public about the reality of technological possibilities to help them make an informed decision.

All the glitters are not gold. If you can get a low priced web-hosting package that promises you all the privileges of convenience, infinite speed and capacity storage or other features, chances of such benefits will compromise your server’s reliability, putting your business in jeopardy. So just before getting too excited with such extraordinary offer, take some time to research and understand the realities and limitations of current technology. This includes being aware of various factors controlling your web hosting that involve network, power supply, equipment, software, technicians and internet service provider that directly and indirectly affect the overall performance of a website. While some factors can be controlled directly to minimize the chances of unplanned downtime, other third party involvement such as the Internet service provider is uncontrollable. Therefore, one must acknowledge that there is no 100% of uptime in any web hosting services.

You might be thrilled by web hosting advertisements that promises you the luxury of having an immeasurable size of bandwidth and space. These however is a form of advertising propaganda and its message can simply be interpreted as providing “enough” for an expected usage of small size website. Instead of explaining what is necessary in their “great deal”, most would just use advertising tool to create a short-term impact. Using excessive adjectives, superlative languages and visual exaggeration, it’s real content only speak an economical truth of what you’d like to hear. In a typical scenario of a small hosting company that has every ten accounts in one server of 40gb hard disk and 500gb bandwidth, each account could only be given for about 400mb space and 5gb of bandwidth per month. Such bold marketing tactics expects your website to have a small appetite to consume space (not more than 400mb) and bandwidth (not more than 5gb) and will not be growing much. A website usually only consume a small amount of bandwidth and disk space, but if you ever use more than their predicted perimeter of bandwidth and disk space that affect the performance of other sharing accounts, your account will be suspended, terminated or they will simply charge you more.

Your web hosting expectations must be consistent with the reality of technology and a way to calibrate that is to relate if a T1 connection is only able to provide 500gb per month and cost about few thousands, any web hosting company offering a terabyte of bandwidth for $200 per month is simply ludicrous. A very valid question to always consider is how can anyone provide an infinite hosting storage and bandwidth when all the hardwares or machines for networks, servers and disk storage are physically limited in today’s technology. When the web hosting resources are being stretched beyond limit by shared accounts in one server, your site will also take more time to load and sometimes result in frequent disconnection.

It’s important for one to know the limited capacity of a server hosting that is offering an exceptionally large bandwidth and disk space in shared hosting environment because the exceeding usage of other accounts can create an imbalance proportion left for you when they are selling more resources than they have. One way to verify the genuineness of any claim of hosting package is to visit forums and browse around feedbacks from other users on any hosting packages. You can simply do this by googling keywords and phrases like “one terabyte web hosting from XYZ, scam, forum”. The result can be quite surprising. Emphasize on the existing customers’ feedbacks on the server’s stability, uptime, load time and more that you can use to evaluate the server resources (e.g. CPU, RAM and database connection)

In addition you might want to find out if the hosting package provides you a last-mile application support or you will end up paying more at the end for every upgrade you made. Many low cost hosting packages have hidden charges, and it is your responsibility to find out as much as you can from your choice of web hosting. It is most acceptable to be skeptical and wary with any web hosting that promises exceptionally large space and bandwidth at a low cost, especially if you are going to run a mission critical website to avoid any business downfall. Some people will be driven by convenience and price while others believe that reliability is imperative and it outweighs other privileges in web hosting. A good beginning makes a good ending, so know your business needs and plan ahead. Just remember that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true.