The differences between email marketing and social network marketing

Every business marketers would understand the importance of these two vital marketing systems that are used to reach mass target audience for any advertising and launch of campaign. These two marketing systems are recognized as the most effective and powerful promotional tool to increase awareness and to build public relations with its audiences. But when measuring both of its effectiveness, they are two very different tools that must at the same time be used side by side for better marketing competency.

Email marketing has been famously used as a direct form of communication with the clients. An interpersonal tool that enables marketers to communication with its recipients in direct personal context, although email marketing would usually be utilized to send out mass messages to large database of audiences, each recipients would view the messages being directed to them personally. The power of email marketing provides marketers to tailor the email messages that can enhance it persuasion message. It also allows marketers to keep track of all the patterns viewed by recipients. This means the sender would be able to know the exact behavior of how the recipient would view, read and how much time is taken to view a specific messages.

When it comes to social network marketing, its advantage provides marketers the control to send out messages indiscriminately to all audiences. But more importantly, the impact can be doubled as social network marketing creates a viral effect that helps to widen the awareness of more people. News are usually spread faster this way, however, company have little control over what comments are made within the audience’s friends.

Which marketing system does your company relies more on?