Shopping cart and payment gateway

In e-commerce hosting, two of the most important things that the seller must have are the proper way to manage the business and the right way to manage the transaction. That would translate as having the right shopping cart and payment gateway system on an e-commerce website. There are plenty resources for the two tools, but it are important to find out which suit you best.

Shopping cart refers to a system in your e-commerce website that allow customers to browse through your products by selecting more than one product for purchase. Similar like the wheeled carts with basket mounted on the wheel to let shoppers browse around different products on a shop before they decide to pay for what they want. Online shopping cart provides the same system. Instead of making payments for different products at different time, customers can pay all at one time.

There are different software systems for shopping cart such as ASP e-commerce. ASP aka application service providers are what provided by a third party and the software are usually hosted on the e-commerce provider’s server. This require monthly fee and are sometimes based upon the percentage of sales made. Additionally, sellers can also use WordPress as their content management system to fully integrate a shopping cart system with plugins.

Payment gateway is the next thing that should come when the customer wants to checkout. Providing different methods to pay on website is similarly convenient for shoppers to pay when they are doing shopping in markets. Because credit card and billing information can be stored online and viewed by the other party, it is important for sellers to always use a reliable and secure payment gateway option. Payment gateway such as PayPal provides a fast and secure way to process transaction and protects the buyer and seller at the same time.

Other than that, consider using a reliable web hosting service, because the overall reputation of your e-commerce site depends on how consistent your uptime is that would contribute to the SEO and ultimately the traffic that you will be receiving.

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