Private Cloud Hosting & Storage Malaysia – Dedicated Low Cost Cloud Server

The term “cloud computing” can be seen everywhere today. But what it is?
Simply, it is about processing, storing and accessing over the internet instead of your system’s hard drive.
It is exactly the opposite of Local Storage and Computing. In local storage and computing, we use our own system and it’s hard disks to process, save, update and access data. But in cloud computing, we don’t use our own infrastructure, resources and equipment. Instead our data is saved and distributed on some remote servers. We can just have access to data from wherever we want and whenever we want.

Now there are three types of services covered under this broad concept. Let’s have a look at each briefly:




Software as a Service, good examples are Google Apps, Storage solutions like Dropbox and others.

Under this cloud service, a point of access has been given to the subscribers so that software ownership costs can be reduced. i.e. No need for technical staff to manage, install and upgrade the software.

Platform as a Service, examples can be observed Heroku, Google App Engine and Red Hat’s Open shift.

It provides a platform where an application or software can be developed and deployed. By using this service, business enterprises can invest their resources to the core business rather investing in hardware with a lot more redundancy.

Infrastructure as a Service, it is comprised of sophisticated and powerful computer equipments within the vicinity of a secured environment where actual development and deployment of PaaS, SaaS, and web-scale applications take place.

Thus, IaaS is the most flexible cloud computing model that deployment of servers, processing power, storage, and networking.


Thus, there are several reasons for which Cloud Computing is getting popular among many organizations ranging from SMEs to the Large ones.

  • Self-service, scalability, and elasticity
  • Additional control and customization
  • A higher level of security and privacy both in terms of data protection and against physical disasters
  • The transition from physical to virtual servers leads to better flexibility
  • Ultimately switching to private cloud computing will save you time and money

“Only change is permanent, if you won’t change your old ways of doing business to the new ones; you will be left behind in this cut throat competing world.”

Private Cloud Hosting & Storage Malaysia – Dedicated Low Cost Cloud Server

WebServer MY provides a Dedicated Lower Cost Cloud Server without premises expenditures. Thus, this Cloud Services enables you to secure maximum returns from IT investments by increasing resource utilization and efficiency.

Secure Cloud Environment

Our Private Cloud Hosting Establishes and enforces the security and privacy policies according to your business needs. So that it can meet your compliance requirements with your dedicated Cloud environment.

Complete Control

Private cloud server provides you with complete control and visibility to manage your virtual dedicated environment. It also provides a reliable and scalable solution for your web applications.

Efficient and Encrypted Cloud Storage

So,when it comes to storage; You can have more control over your Data and Infrastructure with the help of Private Cloud. So that you can intervene promptly if any changes are demanded.


We offer customized Private Cloud Solution to our customers. Surely, each organization has a set of requirements. Thus, with Private Cloud Storage you can choose and infrastructure with specific Storage and networking characteristics.

What we offer?

Private Cloud Hosting

Private Cloud Storage

  • Cloud Server
    -Web Nodes (1-4)
    -1X E3-1230 v3
    -4+4 vCPU Cores 16GB RAM
  • Control Panel
    -VM Storage (1-2)
    -12GB RAM
    -10TB RAID 10
    -Centos with Server
  • Backup Storage Core-Xeon
    -8GB RAM
    -6TB RAID5
    -Centos with NFS Server
    Optional Firewall

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  • 10 Users
  • 100 GB Storage
  • 1 vCPU
  • 1536MB Server Memory
  • 750GB Monthly Transfer
  • 1Mbps Bandwidth.

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It is the right time to revolutionize your IT processes by shifting to Private Cloud Servers. It is worth mentioning that our proven ability to provide responsive and reliable last mile application call support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, makes us stand out from other web host providers in this region.