Plan Your Extra Side Income | Reseller Hosting

“Don’t put your all eggs in one basket”

It is very common phrase we hear often; simply it means that one should not concentrate one’s all resources and efforts in one area. Reason is obvious; one could lose everything.
This truly applies in business world. Being dependent upon only one resource of income is not recommended. If that resource is in trouble, You are in trouble.
Here is a free advice. In addition to your current job, start your own part time online business.

It is a digital era in which we are living. What opportunity can be more beneficial than to start your online business.

Plan your extra side income | Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting with cPanel & 24/7 Phone Support
A Reseller Hosting plan gives you complete control over every aspect of your hosting business, from resource allocation to payment methods and what (if any) additional services you choose to provide your clients (domains, SSL certificates, etc.)

What is Reseller Hosting

Most of all reseller hosting refers to a Web hosting deal. In which the account owner has the ability to use the allotted server resources (CPU, RAM, storage, bandwidth) to host websites on behalf of third parties therefore reselling it. This is most often done by consultants and Web developers who offer web hosting as an additional service. In addition to it reseller hosting is also a way for Web hosting entrepreneurs to start their own hosting venture. Furthermore, most reseller hosting plans allow resellers to create their own service plans and set their own pricing structure. In many cases, resellers are able to establish their own branding by using customized control-panel webpages.

What is the package?

– 50GB Disk Space
– Unlimited Domains
– Unlimited add-on Domains
– 500GB Bandwidth
– Unlimited Domain Park
– Unlimited MySQL
– CPU: 100Mhz
– Memory: 96MB
– 50 database connection

This is the starting standard package available for you in RM 100/- Month only!
It is worth mentioning that there is NO SETUP FEE, once you order your plan; it takes 24 to 48 hours for our expert team to setup your reseller hosting plan!
So why to wait anymore? Visit us now and order the plan that suites your needs!

Steps to consider while planning Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting does not require the great technical understanding of infrastructure that hosting requires. You as a reseller, are responsible for interacting with your customers but not responsible for hardware, software, or connectivity problems.

In planning to become a reseller, consider all the steps below:
– Estimate how many customers you think you can bring on to start the business.
– Determine the types and size of packages you will offer your customers.
– Determine the price you will set for your packages.
– Compare reseller hosting plans to see who meets your needs and your budget.
– Contract for the best reseller hosting plan.
– Configure templates for each of the packages you decided to offer.
– Market these packages and sell them to customers.
– Support your customers.