Pick a theme or design yourself in WordPress

The trend of branding has shifted to the internet. Companies are picking up with what is left on their promotion implementation to hosting their very first website. But everything seems new and the first dilemma for them is probably to choose between a pre-design  web template or a customized web design for their website. Here are some of the pointers to choose between a pre-design theme or customized design.

Pre-design theme

One best thing about the internet is everything seems abundance in resources, even when it comes to web design. Whether you are using a WordPress (find out the benefits of using WordPress here) content management system for your website or any other web management, you can find abundance of resources of pre-design templates.

A ore-design template theme is one designed earlier by a developer so you can use it instantly. It can be easily setup and start a web business almost intatntly. In WordPress CMS alone, you can get hundreds of web templates for free. It comes with different designs and colors and if that’s not enough for your, there are many website’s that’s selling affordable web templates to match your taste. These come in a range of ecommerce based templates to ordinary templates for websites.

However most of WordPress template has a fixated web structure and can change only minor things. A pre-design template does not offers uniqueness and may end up sharing a similar theme with other competitors. However using a theme  template is convenient and save a lot of time and cost to start a website.

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Customized web design

Customize web design means you are able to have a full control over every specific look of your website as you wish.  Some companies have specific guideline brand to follow, and even the website must adhere to these guideline of design. This is when custom design comes in handy.

A professional custom web design is also generally more time consuming as the designers or web developers will have to come out with a few models before agreeing on which to use. It requires many stages that include planning, brainstorming and implementation to create a specific design. Not to mention these are a form of larger cost investment. But if a site requires many pages and features with different customisation, it may be a worthy spend to meet a brand and utility value.

However, the first thing to find out is to know if it’s really necessary to use a custom design website by looking into the needs of the company’s branding, if a pre-design template is sufficient to reach the branding expectation.