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Perform Your Domain Name Renewal at Webserver Today!

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Perform Your Domain Name Renewal at Webserver Today!

With the new policy changed in some domain registrar towards the acceptance of online credit card payment from Malaysia, there have been many cases .com domain owners are being turn away when trying to renew them.

This result in great inconvenience not to mention lost of many business opportunity. Imagine the loss when your client not being able to communicating with you via emails.

We will like to invite you to renew your domain name earlier with Webserver.

The early renewal ensures continuous protection to your online identity and the peace-of-mind with your servers, web pages and emails under our care.

Domain renewal this year will be having an additional process of transferring to the new Registrar. This is due to our recent upgrading of domain registration system to continue serving you with the best we can.

As our value customer, you will enjoy:

  1. Convenient online domain name management
    Facilitate you the flexibility to update your domain name information using our comprehensive domain management function at our web site anytime at you convenient!
  2. Cost Saving
    Benefit from our competitive .com domain name renewal price of RM55 per year.
  3. Best service support
    Our knowledgeable dedicated customer service team is always there to handle your enquiries, and resolve your issue instantly and more efficiently.
  4. More domain extension
    You can now register new extension namely .MY, .BIZ, .INFO and .CC online from our website for your existing or new branding.

Renew your domain name by transferring the domain with us Today! To begin click on transfer here.

Some answer to commonly asked questions about transfer:

What is Domain Transfer?

Domain transfer is to transfer/change your domain registration from existing Registrar to another new Registrar.

Does this mean that I am transferring ownership of the domain name?

Absolutely not! When you transfer your domain name, the only change to your domain is the Registrar and not ownership. You are still the owner of your domain, and retain full administrative control at all times.

If I transfer my domain name to the new Registrar, what will happen to the domain name expiry date?

We will renew the domain name for 1 additional year upon transfer of your domain name. This is in addition to any term you currently have remaining on your domain name.

For example, if your domain name expires in eight months, and you transfer with us now, we will renew the domain name for additional 1 year. Hence your domain name will expire in one year and eight months. You don’t lose single day on your original registration!

Will my web site be affected during and after transfer process?

There will be NO interruption on your website traffic during and after transfer.

How will the domain transfer process looks like?

Well, here is simple 5-steps process:

1. Submit your domain for transfer (Please ensure that the domain name submitted 10 business days before the expiry date).

2. You will receive an email from us (therefore your current administration email must be valid for us to contact you) – Reply the email to confirm on your transfer request (You got to reply within 5 business days!).

3. The domain will submit to losing Registrar for approval.

4. You will receive an email from Losing Registrar – Reply the email to confirm the transfer.

5. We will notify you via email for the transfer result.

Start your domain transfer & renewal now!


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