Online scam – Sequel to how to make money online

online-scamIf you are inspired by the idea of making money online, you have probably gone through many disappointments to find the abundance of scams that are rising out there.  Despite this, many people are still mesmerized by the scammers’ wily presentation even after realizing the potential of it being just another scam site, we all want to believe that perhaps a convenient yet lucrative system does exists to make lives easier.

People continue to envision the convenience of making money online and scam artists continue to create more scam techniques. Scam theories such as the make-fast-money aka the Aladdin lamp theory exists simply because the flawed in our belief systems. Together with these methods and some persuasive writing skills, scam artists can create sales pitch that are mind boggling to vivifies people’s belief.

While it is delusional to make an overnight wealth, it is however possible to make money online through a genuine effort and time spent. Always remember that there is no shortcut to wealth. If you haven’t read some tips on how to make money online, go here. If you’ve found a seemingly good site that promises you the possibility of making lucrative wealth with minimal working effort, it’s time for you to stop dreaming and taking some necessary precautions.

The first credible factor that you must find in websites that promises such offer is their contact. Without any contact, you can assume that they are prepared to runoff with your money. Details of contact are important. Try out contacts before confirming anything. If the office number is a mobile line and not a landline, you might want to do more research about the company first.

You should be paid for your work not vice versa. If a site requires a joining fee for working online, you have most likely bumped into another scam site. Companies that offers a virtual job pays you according to working hours/tasks and will not ask for any joining fee. Also, do not provide confidential information such as your credit card or bank account number to them.

Look for GENUINE testimonials from their sites. As testimonial can be easily falsified, you must read through the testimonials to see if it is overstated. Use your instinct. And check if all the testimonials have reference to sites or contact. Read all the description clearly and check for any spelling or grammar mistakes. A professional and genuine site would not allow such careless mistakes. Make sure all sources are correct and credible.

Look for the money-back-guaranteed. Many people feel assured when they see the money-back-guaranteed sign. But scam artists know better that victims are usually not keen to ask for a money-back-guarantee, especially if it involves only a small amount of price such as ebook products. Nonetheless a money-back-guarantee is a cue to the company’s reliability so having one is definitely better than none.

There are virtual job sites that require some installation of software onto your computer to monitor your online activities. Be extra careful with these software, make sure to use anti-virus software to scan through any potential threat to your computer. Some scam sites also install hidden software that runs automatically. So turn on phishing filters on your web browsers.

There is no marketing program that can give anyone an overnight wealth. Don’t fall for offers that promise you the mass wealth of millions within a few days or months. Sites that always claim that their offer has only one day left are using marketing techniques to attract buyers. Try coming back after a few days and see if you are still seeing the same one-day-left offer. Without saying much, you should know that any sites that calls you a lucky winner or visitor of the day is just another scam site.