Nothing is Unlimited

buyornotbuyUnlimited bandwidth or disk space may be one of the most misconceived yet tempting offers of web hosting plan. It is an attractive offer to customers because of the convenience for them not needing to worry or think about the right bandwidth for themselves. But just before making any decision, find out if that’s really a straight deal. In this growing world of competitive web hosting market, web-hosting companies often oversell their products and resort to unfeasible claims to win the hearts of customers.

There are two major components in web hosting plan that everyone must understand, disk space and bandwidth. The capacity of bandwidth limits how much a website can send information to their visitors’ browser when viewing a site and disk space determines how much you can store your web files. These two components cost the most. A network line carries a measurable capacity of transfer rate because the cable defines technology barrier, the same goes to hard disk that define storage space. Now think if the Internet service provider can’t provide or make claim of unlimited download and upload Kbps, how can a web hosting company defies the technology limitations.

It is imperative to understand the limitation of current technology to measure the truthfulness of the unlimited bandwidth offer. Bandwidth and hard disk cannot be unlimited because both have physical limitations. Bandwidth comes with a cost that is incurred on web hosting companies. Unless the provider is willing to constantly pay for customers’ extra bandwidth, nothing is unlimited especially in the realm of business.

Web hosting is a competitive industry and to ensure its survival, many companies resort to unethical marketing and advertising techniques to accommodate the fast selling world of capitalism. Upon realizing that most websites do not use the server’s bandwidth to the fullest, an unlimited bandwidth plan is created to attract more visitors.

Customers that exceed the expected bandwidth usage will usually receive warnings or in some cases lead to direct termination of service without any notification. The latter would mean losing business and money for clients as they must look for a new web hosting company while their website is offline or they can continue using the service by paying the EXTRA costly charge.

As the wise saying goes, a man’s food can be another man’s poison, the unlimited plan works better for some websites that doesn’t get much traffic. A growing potential website would otherwise need a finite bandwidth to have a measurable traffic result. This goes the same to websites that are hosting video and audio files that require more bandwidth consumption.

A smart web hosting buyer would plan ahead of their own needs by knowing the exact target of traffic they      wish to achieve with their website, then multiply the amount by two for to allow some buffer. Always remember to read the disclaimer of what the unlimited package really means and also do necessary checking of the web hosting background and potential. Compare well before making any decision.