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New ICANN Registrant Data Validation Process

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New ICANN Registrant Data Validation Process

Effective from January 1, 2014, ICANN’s 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement is introducing a validation process, which the registrant contact needs to be validated upon the purchase or transfer of a domain name, or if the registrant’s first name, last name or email address have been modified.


The email will send direct to the admin email address according to the domain record. Client require to respond to the email immediately. You’ll receive an email with a special link that you’ll need to click in order to verify that the email address you provided is valid, and that it is in your control. That verification must happen within 15 days.


Reminder emails will be sent on days 5, 10 and 13 within the 15-day validation window.


For domains that you already own, there are a couple of things that could cause you to have to verify or re-verify your email address:

  1. If a reminder or renewal email sent to the email address you use in your domain registration bounces, you’ll need to re-verify that email, or update it to one that works.

  2. If you change either the first/last name or email address on one of your domain registrations, you’ll have to verify the new information.

So we kindly request our clients please ensure contact data is valid like the  phone numbers formatted properly and postal/zip codes corresponding to the correct country in order to avoid any service interruptions.

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