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It is crucial for every business to have a website. Once you design a professional website, the next step is to avail a service that allows individuals and organizations to make your website accessible via the World Wide Web. Yes, you got it right; you need web hosting. Costs are one of the major concerns while you take decision. Quality and costs are often positively correlated with each other. It is often said that ‘you get what you paid for’. Yes it is a truth one cannot deny for.

But quality has diverse characteristics, and low budget product does not always mean low quality.

Important Considerations

First and foremost aspect to be inspected is; read through the terms of usage. Are they making you bound by a contract of usage for more than one year or more? Mostly companies do this in order to neutralize the effect of price they are offering. Once you agree to such usage terms, it will be much easier and better for service provider to engage in longer business relationship.

It should be clear that how much speed and space you are getting in offered package. For sure, your speed and space cannot be as much as in high budget hosting. On this point make sure you get enough capacity to store your website.

One of the characteristics of good website is, it is accessible all the time and experience no error at all. That is what we call reliability. Before making the decision, also add this variable in your decision making process.

Budget Hosting

Budget hosting involves hosting each plan in high performance server with redundancy in mind. We will take care of backing up your data for disaster recovery. Finally we will assure you that your data hosted is secured.
It is Reliable Web & Email hosting-startup in Malaysia, a package which comes preinstalled CMS such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

  • Prominent Features
    – 20GB Monthly data transfer
    – 10 GB Disk Space
    – 350,000 File Limit
    – 100Mhz CPU
    – 128MB Memory
    – 300 Account Per Server
    – cPanel Control Panel
    – 10 Parked Domain Names
    – Add-on Domain
    – Unlimited Sub-domain Names

All you can avail in RM 300/year!

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