WebServerMY gets Microsoft Silver Partnership for Azure Cloud Malaysia

WebServer Malaysia proudly announces the attainment of a Microsoft Silver Partnership for Azure Cloud Malaysia. After a lot of preparation for years, our company can now confirm that we have successfully met all conditions to offer the Microsoft Partner Silver Cloud Solutions in Malaysia.

Who are WebServer Malaysia

WebServer Malaysia (also referred to as WebServer MY) is a cloud computing and web-hosting firm. The headquarteres are in the capital Kuala Lumpur. Having been in the ICT business for many years, at WebServer MY we have gained a lot of expertise and experience. We have specialized in the complex managed web-hosting services like database and mission-critical application hosting solutions since 1999. It is no wonder therefore that Microsoft has trusted us with this great responsibility to serve the Malaysian people by being the bearers of the Azure Cloud Malaysia platform.

WebServer MY can now authoritatively declare that going into the future. We will be in a prime position to not only provide Malaysians and with Microsoft Cloud Solutions.  Microsoft Cloud Solutions. Azure like Cloud, O365, Exchange, SharePoint, CRM Dynamics and other Microsoft tools, but also to support their businesses’ cloud computing needs.

Microsoft Azure is a globally-acclaimed leader for both private and public cloud needs. Being an open cloud, the platform offers our customers a choice to exploit various technologies on Azure. This includes a fully-integrated set of both PaaS and IaaS solutions that can easily be integrated with your existing on-premises systems. This is to complement and even enhance their capabilities further.

With our new Microsoft Silver Partnership, Malaysian businesses can now exploit and benefit from the full power of Microsoft Azure. Also at the same time getting homegrown support and tailored solutions from WebServer MY, right here in Malaysia!

Why WebServerMY

At WebServer MY, our focus will be more than just moving your business to Microsoft Azure. We will also help you to get the most from its speed, power, scalability and economics. We promise to provide our customers with a holistic set of transformational and managed cloud computing services. In addition, we will offer you regular advisory and expertise on how to build innovative digital solutions for your business using Microsoft Azure.