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VPN Services Malaysia – Most Secure Firewall Service

This service is an extension of the managed firewall service by providing secured link from your office to your servers. Our advance VPN solution provides reliable point-to-point security across the Internet by encrypting all data transferred.

The growth of e-commerce and other IP-based applications has underlined the importance of single network design. Corporate networks have to be extended to include new partners, suppliers and customers; even higher standards have to be met with regard to speed, quality and security. Webserver´s VPN enables all this in a single end-to-end managed solution.

The latest release of the Webserver VPN service includes the following new features; small office solution, and the most aggressive availability guarantee yet available in the market. The small office solution enables companies with small branch offices to connect to the network with a dial up connection.

To ensure total data security the service also combines seamlessly with Webserver’s state-of-the-art Managed Firewall services.
To find out whether this service is suitable for your business, and for up-to-the-minute prices e-mail sales@Webserver.com.my