Malaysia’s Most Reliable Email Storage Solution | Email Archive

  • Sometimes it happens you can’t locate that crucial email or attachment that was sent years ago?
  • Among thousands of emails, you have trouble to find out the exact email to answer a client’s question?
  • Lost a contract but you know an electronic version is in the email attachment. Problem is how to find that out?
  • Even been into a situation when Auditor asked a question; you know the answer lies in the email but couldn’t find at the moment?

So What is the solution??

Email Archive

What is an email archiving solution and how does it work?
At first it protects all the incoming and the outgoing emails which also includes the attachments. It will capture the email content during the transport of the email. By storing emails on another server search of old emails in the future in simplified.
Therefore, the users will be able to manage their important emails in a single storage and able to locate them easily when needed. Besides that, the users do not have to worry if they accidentally deleted the important emails as there will be another copy in the backup server.

Reasons to have an Email Archive Solution

1. Compliance with Statutory Regulations
You can’t escape from specific compliance standards and regulations as far as data security and retention is concerned. Email archiving helps to meet these industry standards. It does not not only assist to retrieve the data in its original format but in a very timely manner as well.

2. Litigation Support
What if you involve in a litigation. Process of retrieving and submitting data can be very costly and time taking. But with email archives, you can have specific files in no time.

3. Improved Business Productivity with Easy data Retrieval
It can also happen that you mistakenly delete an important email. With the email archive solution that comes with backup can help you to retrieve that.

Do You Know?
WebServer Malaysia has experience of transporting over 10 million emails daily and managing over 500 servers for clients across 70 countries. Assuring our clients peace of mind when they choose us.

4. Knowledge and Storage Management
Email has proved itself as an important tool for business productivity. A lot of data files can be stored in a centralized location. It will save your primary server’s space for core business purposes hence making sure not to crash.

5. Cost Management
Having email archive solution from a third party can save your cost in terms of infrastructure, hardware, software, maintenance and human resource.

Malaysia’s Most Reliable Email Storage Solution by WebServer

In order to meet your email archives requirements, WebServer Malaysia has designed a plan that comes with 60 GB Storage with unlimited mailbox. Order this standard package that costs you RM 60/month only!