Keep your email communication protected with SSL

SSL Certificate

One of a most common vector to attack a company is its email.  According to a recent study, there are about 2.5 billion email users worldwide.  And a huge volume of documents are shared over email. So, is email a secure way to share files? Probably not! In last two years 60% of companies have experienced a data breach, and reason for majority of attacks was poor email security practices. So, try keeping your email communication protected with SSL.

Best Way to Protect (SSL-Secure sockets layer)

Encryption is the best way to protect your digital communication and an SSL-Secure sockets layer is responsible to encrypt your emails and ensure your online interaction private. SSL certificates also ensures the attachments and messages you send online are read by only the intended recipient.

How it works?


SSL Email Benefits

Email Encryption SSL certificate ensures the data you send online are read by only the intended recipient and none else.

  • Authentication – It improves customers’ trust because having SSL certificate ensures authentication. By authentication, it means interpreting the sent data to the target server and not to unauthorized third parties. This is so important because, the data travels across multiple computers and  unplanned third parties can access it.
  • Multiple checks – Before selling a SSL certificate, the provider performs multiple checks for your identity. They will sell it only when they verify that your website is honest company. A SSL authenticated website shows a lock icon; and the page URL starts with https:// and not http://.
  • Integrity –  Any one can intercept and modify a regular email easily.  Someone can change the messages or  remove or even add information without your consent.  Adding a digital signature to an email with a SSL Certificate means that it is impossible for anyone to alter the contents of your mail with.
  • Guards against phishing attacks – A phishing email contains a link to an identical copy of the honest site. When you use your data like user name, passwords, etc., on this site, unauthorized people can access it.
  • Trust – Green padlock indicates that you take security seriously and helps give users confidence.


Encryption helps you maintain privacy. What privacy you need is a personal choice. How much privacy does a person need? It depends on each individual priority but encryption is important aspect for everyday people.

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