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Java/Tomcat VPS Hosting

We have been in the hosting business for over 10 years and are the preferred JAVA hosting provider for thousands of users, because our virtual servers are easy to manage and maintain. And with our 24/7 technical support, you will soon realize that choosing as your JAVA hosting partner of choice is the best decision you have ever made!

Why use a JAVA VPS?

Virtual servers are the most popular platform for hosting JAVA applications due to their performance, flexibility, reliability and affordability. All our virtual server hosting plans support running any JAVA environment you could run on any other Linux based dedicated server. You can install and run your favorite JAVA server, such as Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, GlassFish, Liferay or Apache Geronimo and start deploying your apps immediately! Our admins can help you with it free of charge. You can match it up with your favorite Linux distribution: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu.

How can I benefit from a JAVA VPS?

You will be able to access your JAVA applications from anywhere if they are hosted on a virtual server instead of on a local computer. This speeds your overall development and testing and helps you to quickly adopt and develop applications in a JAVA environment which is dedicated to you only. By using a JAVA virtual server you get the most powerful tool for your JAVA applications development.

Why is a JAVA VPS Hosting better?

Our JAVA VPS hosting gives you a clean environment to develop and run JAVA applications. Shifting your JAVA development environment to a virtual server gives you an added capability to test your JAVA applications without affecting your local machine, so you free up resources on your own computer while also saving money on your power bills. While testing, if the virtual server crashes, you can quickly reboot it and get it up and running within seconds without affecting your development machine.