How to make money online II

If you didn’t had any success with advertising or affiliate method that was mentioned, no worries. There are more ways to make money online by starting your own website. We know the first website was created by Tim Berners-Lee in the early 90s. He proved to the world how information could easily be transferred through the Internet by using hypertext. Aside from using website to manage information, people use it for different purposes, and one of the worthy purpose is to make a fortune online. So what online business should i do, you asked. In online business, there are basically two types of thing to sell, tangible or intangible, whether directly or indirectly through a website. Either of this requires some business sense from reality to work, that is of course by having sufficient resources and proper system to control the flow of transaction. To begin, you might want to find out what product/service makes best for online selling. You do this by looking for keywords with high demand to understand the online market a little better. The two top keywords that I found three years ago was ‘women’s clothing’ and ‘viagra’. This might not be your choice of business.


But whether you decide to sell hard goods or services, making your website known to the market is important. Similar to business in real world, you still need to advertise and create publicity. But now you’d also need to take care of  your rankings in search engines as they contribute to a major effect on the online prospects that you’ll be getting. Unless you’re a fairly well-known company or one that doesn’t rely on online visitors to close a sale, you would probably need to take care of your SEO (learn more about SEO here).

If you’re selling services or intangible products such as software, video or online tickets then you are saved from all the troubles of packaging, shipping and taxation that would be incurred in tangible goods like gadgets and clothing. These are all what a seller ought take care of. This also involves the risk of damaging the goods during shipping, which then require your client to pay extra for insurance. As intangible products get exempted from all these procedures, they do however need to spent more time and capital  to establish an e-commerce system  that enables them to do proper online transaction. But to those who are not familiar with the technical part on how to operate such website would need to outsource for an expert on this area. Or you can look for a web hosting company that provides web designing and last-mile application support for your website. Your website would also need to have a consistent uptime to prevent business downturn.  With that in mind, it is crucial for you to choose a web hosting company that is fully responsive to your needs and reliable.

earn_money_virtualjobsIf none of these interest you but you have the skill for writing, designing or photography, a virtual job might be just what you’re looking for. Similar to the requirement of working in real world, these positions comes with the advantage of minimal supervision. One of the best option that doesn’t need a website (but would be great if you have one to sell your reputation.) Some jobs like photography may require outdoor work, but still gives you the personal freedom and the time you need, as long as the work is sent on time. The same goes to others virtual jobs that have more flexibility of working time and at the comfort of their environment.
Multimedia designers are also a particular demand on the Internet today. Their prices vary from different projects, and it’s usually in a very acceptable price that one would agree. Writing is also another virtual job of demand, especially in today’s era of online politics. Whether an online journalist or copywriter or blogger, pays are high if they can write well to influence people. But if you don’t have any of these specialty, worry not as there are more general jobs available such as virtual assistance, online chat moderator or proof reader (just to name a few) for your pick. Then again, you want to be more extra careful with online companies that make claim of salaries that seem too good to be true or one that require your personal information such as credit card number or amount of deposit to secure your job.

(Coming soon on Part 3 – How to make money online with get –to-paid  websites and retail trade)