How to enhance your web’s speed

Having a great looking website is great for visitors to see, but there are other more important things to consider when creating a website so that your visitor will not have to wait or the need to take a trip to the toilet before your website finish loading everything it needs. We’re talking about the speed of your website and here are some ways that you can improve your web’s speed.

Html extravaganza – is unnecessary in your pages.  There are many sites that overlook the importance of keeping your HTML codes nice and neat. Some websites failed to load because of errors caused by unnecessary codes and some website loads slower than others because of over load of codes. So keeping the HTML codes neat is a way to invite more speed and visitors to your site.

Use external CSS codes – New web developers would sometimes include all CSS styles in a single HTML giving the browser more things to read. A professional web develop knows that it is more manageable to handle multiple CSS scripts in different file than stacking things of each other.

Flash – is usually created on a heavy file size that drags the speed down. Flash files usually acts as an application file that works as a video, interactive program or navigation. It is important to consider if there’s really a need for Flash files on a website and can it be replaced a light file size or static visual.

Images – that looks bigger than the browser screen is unnecessary. Small images on a page needs to make sure that is it kept within the right resolution. Images is the most common element of a page that causes slow loading a website. It is important to ensure all images are cropped, trimmed and adjusted to the ideal file size before uploading it to a site.

High bandwidth and space server – If a website really need to have large amount of images, flash and other html script that calls for more action, the best solution is to opt for a higher spec of web hosting. This significantly improve the loading speed of your website.

Reliable web hosting – Nothing more important to emphasize than the fact of getting a reliable web hosting provider should be the priority before anything else. Having high bandwidth and diskspace are helpful but it all still comes down to how reliable the hosting provider is. Ensure that your web hosting service is providing a fully redundant systems with backup generators and that your website is not being shared with thousands of other clients that leaves you a smaller portion of bandwidth and diskspace to use.

Try for a more reliable web hosting.