How to Buy and Register Domain Name in Malaysia

How to Buy Domain Name

how buy domain name

In order to buy domain name, one must register their desired domain name with an ICANN accredited registrar. There are many different ways to go about registering a new domain name but most people opt to buy through a company that provides web hosting services.

The reason being is because they offer domain registration from a single source so there will not be too much hassle when trying to figure out where to pay, manage, and etc. Of course, if you do not want them to host anything else, you can always choose to self-host by paying more upfront for a higher level package without having to worry about the monthly fee.

Register Domain Name in Malaysia

There are many ways you can buy a domain name. You may want to purchase your own or through an auction site, but there is also the option of buying from an online registrar such as WebServer.

To buy a domain Malaysia, you must prove your identity and residency status. For example, you may be required to present official documents like government-issued ID cards, utility bills, and bank statements showing proof of residence.

Thereafter, you will receive confirmation via email once we have approved your application. Once confirmed, you will find out more about available payment methods and your account’s next billing cycle date.

Why Should You Protect Your Domain Privacy?

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Today Facebook contains more than 400 million users, it is as big as a country. Every day people are exposed to what they are doing, eating, travelling and working.

Social network sites such as Facebook unveil much confidential information that some people would otherwise conceal. The known fact is there is always some new threat that can be found on the internet doing hacking or for any malicious online activity.

You have seen many intangible products online been shared by thousands and used illegally, you will also see many people are being impersonated and deceived. Would you not want to pay attention to what your domain name is revealing about you and your business?

This goes the same to your online business, every registration of your name and business or personal information stored on the internet is not exactly as safe as you have thought of. Just go to WhoIs and type in your URL and you will find many details about yourself and all you need to know about your website.
Site’s such as WhoIs helps to provide information about the domain name and its server that is using. It also provides some confidential information about the registrant such as their contact number and address.

Could this mean that you could be in danger? Probably not, but it is definitely something worthy to pay attention to what you are disclosing about yourself.

Many people are using this information to find out specific information such as the expiration of a domain name or where is your website being hosted. It could be for malicious purposes to hack into your server or it could be someone stalking on the expiration of your domain name so they can get it as it expires.

No matter what is it being used for, having that information up on the internet for millions to view is not something that you can be sure of its safe. One of the ways to ensure good privacy for your domain name is to be careful what you put on the registration.

Using not real names and alternative contact could be a good way to protect you in many ways. Alternatively, you can also choose to conceal this information by applying for domain privacy protection.

Make Sure Your Domain Name Remain Alive

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Most domain name and hosting providers are busy providing support to thousands of domain name or website hosting services. They do not send reminder calls via phone.

They notify often website domain name owners, about the domain name and the hosting renewal via emails. Providers send out automated renewal notification emails 30 days, 14 days, 7 days, 3 days, or 1 day before the expiry.

So what do business owners have to do next to ensure that their domain name and hosting services remain alive? Providers received tens or hundreds of bank remittances of a similar amount shown in their statements daily and will never be able to identify the payer unless the payer sends in their remittance proof.

To ensure that the domain name and hosting services are renewed promptly, remember to fax or email the remittance proof and take the effort to call the provider to acknowledge the receipts of the remittance. Doing so will ensure no disruption of business email communications and website transactions to the web domain name.

Furthermore, web site belongs to the business owner. Better still if it could renew for multiple years to save time from this hassle after all a domain name normally cost only between RM35 to RM150 a year in comparison to the thousands or millions of Ringgit of revenue that one might get in return from a working domain name and hosting.