How Nintendo become successful with email marketing


When it come to marketing or email marketing, having the right strategy would determine if it would make or break your campaign. Your strategy would come in timing the campaign, knowing which audience and knowing how to elicit good response with your message. One of the case study that is worth comparing is how Nintendo become successful with all of these strategies on their email marketing that has gained significant response from the recipients.


Nintendo found that by increasing the frequency of mailing can be a successful strategy. By carefully considering its core audience, Nintendo sent messages devoted to one product with different email series for each game. With overwhelming responses from some recipients, Nintendo built a loyal subscriber base of audience who look forward to email communications. On the strategy of its messages, Nintendo created 6 steps of email series.

It first started with a short teaser for their new product a week before the launch. The  product is shown to a group of Nintendo’s core audience. By tailoring the message specifically to the audience of age 13 and above. The message comes with a link to lead the recipients to the product’s microsite. In the second phase of their email strategy, which is also the arrival of their products, a streaming media email was sent out. The video that was automatically playable in Outlook invites recipients to “join the adventure”.


Nintendo wanted to gauge the response of recipients and become more engaging. Any recipients who went back to check or open the previous email were contacted. It was a proactive survey dedicated to understand their decision to buy or play the game. Their multiple tactics of messages created varied CTR and an overwhelming open rates of email. Their notion of effective email marketing is that loyal recipients will stay loyal if you provide them with relevant content.