From cold calling to email marketing

Cold calling is one of a well known tradition ways for sales person to have through in the past of getting contact and closing sales. With a list of flooded database, cold calling can be a direct way of determining the return of investment for all the calling efforts. It takes a lot of experience and skills for one to be productively successful with high ratio of sales closing. These include knowing how to talk and gaining that prospects trust without knowing that person well enough. But as technology progresses, cold calling are less used and only being brought up again as a secondary tool.

From cold calling to email marketing, people are able to save more time and effort to manage other work more effectively. Email marketing allows people to send large amount of messages to prospects without engaging them on a one-on-one conversation basis, while still appear to be addressing each of them personally in emails. The costs for long hours of phone bills are more likely to exceed an email marketing subscription plan.
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Sending your sales message to more than hundreds of prospect in a few minutes is definitely better than taking more than weeks to finish calling all of the hundred prospects. Callings are subjected to being rejected or excused with being ‘busy’, but email gives no excuse. They either read or delete. It’ll always be there and you’ll need not to follow up with them, and if they are interested, they’ll reply your email or call you back.

Nonetheless, cold calling is still considered to be a very useful tool for sales person in the field of business. There are pros and cons when it comes to cold calling compare to email marketing. First, cold calling benefits from the power of buying temperature that can better motivates the prospects to make a decision instantly, preferably buying from you. Aside from that, it shows the caller with a more genuine and trustworthy intention, which makes them look more creditable to the prospects. However, not everyone perceive cold calling this way, and there’s where email marketing come into place.

So what’s your say? Are you in for cold calling or email marketing?