Email marketing tools

email_marketing_toolsEmail has taken a long journey from the first time sent by Ray Tomlinson in 1971 to the daily transfer of approximately 35 billions emails a day in the world. Today it is the most essential form of communication tool that anyone must have and use to connect to the world, and in business context email marketing are also used to build and maintain a good relationship with the stakeholder.

Technologies have empowered the way company conducts business. For companies, email marketing is a critical tool of communication that can be converted into sales if used effectively. At the same time, it can help companies to advertise and increase brand awareness using a very low cost. From there, it can also be used to obtain feedback from customers. More importantly, emails can be personalized and sent to specific group of target audience.

There are many email software that are available today. Most have more or less of equal benefits that can offer to business communication. This includes having statistics of report for better post evaluation and tracking of messages. The report covers many things from the number of recipients who have successfully received the emails and to which recipient who have chosen to open and view the email content. More advance email marketing software can also calculate the amount of time your recipient spent on reading the emails.

Most of the email marketing tools are built with a user-friendly configuration that can be easily understood and used by anyone. For example, provides a web based email-marketing tool known as InterECM as an add-on service. This email-marketing system is comprehensive and comprise of all tools required for professional business marketing use.  Aside from a comprehensive statistical result of emails sent, it also allows scheduling of emails. This convenient feature allows user to work with their email task ahead of time.

The email-marketing tool is an effective tool for cyber campaigns. It allows user to customize the name of the recipient in the email content to create a more personalized tone to every individual recipients at ease. The recipients can also be filtered through customization of database with specific demographics of target audience. Most email-marketing software also supports multiple languages, including script characters. These features and versatility make email marketing an important asset to secure a promising ROI for companies.