Email – an unavoidable communication medium in every organization

Nobody can deny the importance of email in today’s modern business communication. Every day, a lot of emails are sent no matter, whether the communication takes place with internal stakeholders or external stakeholders. There are several reasons for which email is an unavoidable communication medium in almost every organization:

  • In today’s fast and dynamic business world, quick communication plays an important role in everyday decisions.
  • This function is easily served by emails as they are received and sent instantaneously.
  • Emails also serve a mean for record keeping. Unlike the paper communication, you don’t have to save them in drawers and physical files. Furthermore, it also allows you to search and see whatever information you want in a matter of seconds.
  • If we compare the costs of physical communication mediums with virtual; the difference is an eye opener. So being cheaper, adds more value into this communication medium; hence giving one more reason for its popularity.
  • Email marketing has become an important component of digital marketing. It is also another cheaper, effective and useful medium to disseminate the related information to valuable clients. Again email is serving the purpose well.

 What will happen; if your email server has been attacked by viruses? Still you are going to have those benefits? Still you will consider it a secure and reliable place for communication??  Certainly not!

Let’s provide you a very comprehensive yet affordable plan that makes your life easy without compromising on its security and reliability.

Business Email Hosting with 24/7 Phone Support

We have included Four-tiered anti- virus protection features and proprietary processing rules on our email servers for all email users. So, we can assure virus and junk free emails to our customers. Therefore more businesses have outsourced their e-mail service to us as our services have proven reliable. As a result we have succeeded in earning the trust of over 100,000 email users because of processing over 10 million e-mails daily on our mail servers.

Prominent Features
  • Microsoft outlook compatible
  • Email with your domain name
  • Antivirus protection
  • Web apps for collaboration
  • Email on your mobile phone
  • Daily backup

That’s all starting from RM 380/ year! Click here to choose your email hosting package with an HONEST, RELIABLE & RESPONSIVE web host, WebServer Malaysia.