Easiest Digital Marketing Campaigns | Email Marketing Malaysia

There are several reasons for which email marketing is popular with many organizations:

– “Track to Basket” allows to calculate return on investment.
– It is cost effective as well as faster than traditional mails
– Behavior of the target market can be studied with different available reports.
– Direct email marketing produce higher response as compare to standard email and so forth.

But is it convenient to handle thousands of prospect audience without any system?
Certainly Not!

So WebServer has designed different packages in order to handle as big number of emails sent as 240,000/- year!

Email Marketing Malaysia | Easiest Digital Marketing Campaigns

Now you can Plan, Manage and Execute your email Marketing Campaigns with ease with our email and digital marketing Malaysia hosting services. In addition to it, we can help you to up-sell and cross-sell new and existing customers in a cost-efficient manner therefore increasing brand awareness and bottom line profitability.

Easiest Digital Marketing Campaigns | Email Marketing MalaysiaGuarantees with every Package

Cost Effectiveness
It allows you to email niche target clients with increased economic flexibility.
Anytime, Anywhere
Manage your campaign at any time, while being any where via the web.
Real Time Tracking
Furthermore track how your campaign is doing in real time utilizing our inbuilt advanced tracking engine.
Extensive Reporting
Generate reports of your campaign in text or graphical charts.

Benefits and Features

– Send high volume HTML/ text emails and manage email marketing campaign on demand without any startup cost.
– Allow your organization to deliver personalized and targeted email messages with increased economic
– Manage your campaigns anytime, anywhere via the web.
– Track your email marketing campaign responses and have it fine-tuned for better performance.
– Live statistical reporting allows your organization access to key marketing insights.
– Platform-independent-Inter ASP is a universal application that works with your existing database structure and
CRM application.
– Multi-lingual Support – Mandarin, Thai, Japanese, etc. Inter ASP empowers your organization to deliver email
messages in the most localized and effective way. It’s all about relationship and relevance!

Starting Package from RM400/- Year only!
Moreover, in order to meet your needs, different plans are available, in just RM400 only, you can have all the followings:

– 12,000 Email Sent/Year
– Unlimited Total Campaign
– Unlimited Total Subscriber
– Web Based Control Panel
– HTML/Text/Rich Media
– Advanced tracking & Reporting
– Support Multiple Languages
– Email Templates
– Scheduling Function

Why you should choose us?

– Pay-per-use – fees are based on access rates and frequency hence there are no hidden costs.
– Effective ROI for your email campaigns – Inter ASP was designed specifically for organizations who want to take
advantage of internet marketing without expensive infrastructure expenditure.
– 24/7 availability – connects 100Mbps directly to multiple major Internet backbone through OC-48 fiber optics –
– connection at 2,488 Mbps or 2.5 Gbps, our network ensure that Inter ASP is always accessible and fast.
– You can be sure that your email campaigns will reach your audience at the most appropriate time.
– Enhanced System Reliability – your data could not be more protected than at our world class Data Center facility – which features advanced security firewall, Biometric & CCTV monitored facility and world class Intrusion
Detection System.

Please note, In order to better understand our services, 7 days free trial is also available for you!

So, take this moment and make it right by ordering your package here!