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What is the difference between Cloud Sync, Cloud Backup, Cloud Storage?

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What is the difference between Cloud Sync, Cloud Backup, Cloud Storage?

What is the difference between Cloud Sync, Cloud Backup, Cloud Storage?

What is the difference between Cloud Sync, Cloud Backup, Cloud Storage?

We have come across on those different terms like Cloud Sync (or Synchronization), Cloud Backup and Cloud Storage.You might ask on some questions such as: What are those terms? What is the difference between them? And most importantly, what should I choose for?

Cloud storage vs Cloud sync vs Cloud Backup

Cloud Sync / Cloud Synchronization

Cloud Sync Service usually are essential for the user who is seeking for a small scope file backup to cloud but emphasis with syncing feature.

The advantage for Cloud Syncing is the files can be assessed by multiple users, and with multiple devices. It is useful when the files are required to be accessible by someone, in any particular time as well as devices.

Updates that made onto the information, documents or other data from any devices that accessed to the Cloud Sync Files will eventually change it, which means the updates can be made instantly to everyone who can access to the Cloud Sync Files.

However, the syncing feature also brings to the user with some difficulties as it will permanently update the files’ information if any changes made in it. But there is some Cloud Sync Services Provider who will provide versioning features for users to locate and restore back their previous files.

Besides, it also limited the backup under several files. Which means that you cannot get all your data in a computer protected.

Advantages of Cloud Sync Service:

  • Easy Accessible, as it can be accessed by different users with different devices.
  • High Availability, as a single application or web-based application, will allow you to get the files, documents, etc.
  • Enhance collaboration, an authorized user can update the information in the file and the changes can be synchronized instantly.
  • Lite, easy for Download and Upload

Disadvantages of Cloud Sync Service:

  • Low coverage, Cloud Sync could not help you to backup on all your files in your computer. In other words, if your computer corrupted, you can only recover those that had synced on the cloud.
  • Delay on Syncing, files, especially large files usually take time to synchronize. And if any changes made towards the file when it is under synchronization, it will result in data duplication or data loss.
  • Not suitable for large files, as large files usually take a long time for upload (depends on your upload bandwidth). It will affect the whole synchronizing rate and it will also affect your bandwidth when the syncing frequency is too high

Examples of Cloud Sync Services: Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup usually perform at the background within scheduled date and time. The coverage for cloud backup will be larger compared to Cloud Sync Service but the accessibility and availability of a Cloud Backup Service might not as good as compared to Cloud Sync Service.

You can think a Cloud Backup Service as your external hard drive that you used to copy on most of your files at your devices. But Cloud Backup Services provide you with a more automated and simpler alternative to backup your data.

Moreover, a Cloud Backup Service also allows you to secure your data offsite which can keep you a peace of mind as the backup data will eventually safe and available based on your requests. Usually, a Cloud Backup Services come at a fixed pricing plan and it is sold per user used.

Advantages of Cloud Backup Service:

  • Complete, provide a larger scope and detailed backup.
  • Automated, the backup process will be performed automatically at the background without affecting your work.
  • Schedule Backup, data will be back up to the cloud regularly if it is scheduled by user.
  • Full Recovery, user can acquire most of their files, data, information from their last backup
  • Unlimited Online Backup, most of the Cloud Backup Service provides you with unlimited space for backup but restrict to per user.

Disadvantages of Cloud Backup Service

  • Resource Consuming, usually the performance of Cloud Backup Service is time and resource consuming.
  • Low accessibility and availability, Cloud Backup Service is not as user familiar as compared as Cloud Sync Service as it consists of a large structure of file directory and mostly it could not be editable easily.
  • Limited access, the Cloud Backup Services provided by most of the provider are limited to a specific number of user access.

Examples of Cloud Sync Services: Carbonite, iCloud

Cloud Storage

For Cloud Storage Services, it can be used as a basic block to build anything you need, including Cloud Backup or Sync Service (if you are able to build one).

A Cloud Storage Service can also be explained as an empty warehouse which you can put anything you want or construct it into a more systematic and functional service which will automate your backup as well as providing a particular space for frequent synchronization.

The structure of a Cloud Storage may be varies depending on the service provider.

For example, Google Cloud Storage or Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage will provide their data storage that comprises several regions or continents. Your data might be protected in one or more data centres located in different regions to minimize the risk of losing data completely.

But it eventually cost you more as depending on the copies of data you make at different regions and also the resources consume when you perform the data backup.

Secondly, there is also Cloud Storage Services establishes on-premises.

This might run on a single organization or small Cloud Storage Service Provider who establishes a space for data storage. This kind of Cloud Storage Services provides more customization on their structure as the service scope is smaller as compared.

The pricing for this service will usually be calculated by the size you rent from the service provider. And the cost will be calculated under /GB (or TB)/Month basis.

Which means that you can only access to particular size of data as what you pay for. Besides, you also need to consider on additional pricing.

Such as egress/download price, operational fees, etc.

Advantages of Cloud Storage Service

  • Customizable, with Cloud Storage Service you can do anything you want.
  • Usually cheaper as compared to Cloud Sync and Backup
  • Support multiple user access, as Cloud Backup or Sync Services will limit the number of user access

Disadvantages of Cloud Storage Service

  • Lack of features, usually big service provider does have their own application to support your Cloud Backup and Synchronization function
  • Additional Charges applies, most of Cloud Storage Service do charges on various operations apart from monthly data storage space renting.

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