Creating an influential sales page.

An influential sales page is one that will bring in a visitor and left with something sold to them, without any buyer’s remorse. It is about creating an attraction that makes them come in to your page, then intrigue them with your content and excites their imagination of having your product or services, and end up buying it.

In your lifetime browsing the internet, you have probably seen one or more sales page that you felt tempted to buy a product or service because it simply makes you feel good about having it. Because you feel that it meets your ‘needs’. For now you are going to learn how to create these feelings that reaches every visitors that’s in you sales page.

Let’s start by giving them the ‘first impression’ as the old saying goes; the first impression is the last impression. And that’s true with the first message that comes across the visitor’s mind. Now nothing convey a message faster than visual communication. This means a good impression of your sales page’s design will tell half on the story, which conclude that an influential page takes the web design into account.

The design of the sales page need not look grant, but clean and professional that gives a good flow for people to read your page is good enough. The next matter to your design would be the navigation. It’s important to show emphasis on your content instead of other links to another page. So limit your link to reduce distraction for them to read your page.

Headline and keywords tell how your sales page to communicate effectively. Create an active and motivational phrase instead of a passive one to initiate their interest. Choosing the right keywords also help in improving your SEO. Doing a market research on the keywords would help a lot to understand which keywords to use. Important words that enhance their positive perception on your sales page should also be in bold font.

Coming to the key to create an influential sales page is the testimonial. You have probably used or just bought a product just because of the influence by someone meaningful to you. This goes the same on the use of testimonial where it helps you to create an influential public opinion about the things you are selling. Opinion leaders such as doctors, lawyers and celebrity are all more influential than other people have to say about a product. The best creditable testimonial recording would be in video, followed by the second choice of audio and lastly written.

The introduction of the sales page should always start with their problem. It is about how your product or service can solve their problem and need.  So you may begin to elaborate how exactly they are suffering from their problems, then give them a solution (your product) to solve their problem. Of course this requires a deeper level of understanding on their values and belief systems.

The last step is to provide a clear call to action at the end of the page. It is about giving them an instruction what to do next after giving them that hope of ‘solution’.