Creating an attention grabbing website

A good website can be conveyed in many ways aside from making sure the consistency of uptime using a reliable web hosting service, the appearances and the content of a website should lead the ultimate attention of the visitors.

Starting up with a clear and good design is a sure way to make your site’s first impression look good to your visitors. Images plays an important element in a website, (read previous article about how to host and use images) it communicates faster than words to visitors, which makes it more easy to access the visitor’s mind and grab their attention. Choosing which image to use is important, so make sure that all images are congruent to the theme of the website. Use other resources of images to spice up your website from sites such as gettyimages or imagebank.

Headline and copy plays an important role to balance the images. The headline can be used as a supplementing effect to images or the other way around, but a good balance of two elements must be achieved. Headlines must be strong and bold to capture their first eye view. Ensure the consistency of fonts and the size is appropriate for viewing comfortably.

Using slide is also another good way to communicate effectively to your visitor. Video may be useful but it may take some extra speed and bandwidth for the visitors to load. Usually only the fast speed of internet users have the privilege to view the page without much of interruption.

Creating an introductory page, also known as teaser page is useful to spike some of their early attention. Some landing pages are made of flash animation and are separated from the main index site. The intention is to give a short preview of their website to the visitors. Again, this may be too time and bandwidth consuming for those who are using lower speed of internet connection.

Many of these ‘page elements’ can be easily add up using a WordPress based website. Try out for a WordPress based web hosting for fast, easy and convenient design.