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Clustered Hosting for High Traffic Business – Web Hosting Malaysia

Our understanding of advance technologies and experience in managing thousands servers since 1999, we design powerful yet zero-downtime servers solution. New Clustered Hosting services which spreads the load of the hosting across multiple dedicated servers. In other words, it involves building and deploying multiple servers in a customized clustering environment for high-availability specifically for the mission critical applications.


efficiencyEfficient Resource Utilization

Now you can Build a Dedicated computing environment with Clustered Hosting. It enables you to secure maximum returns from your investments by increasing resource utilization and efficiency.

databaseReliable Dedicated Hosting Environment

Furthermore, if you need to be able to withstand thousands of concurrent transactions per second. In addition to it Clustered Hosting is a best solution for you. This hosting plan provides High Availability, Performance and Scalability.

telemarketer (1)24/7 Live Support

Our proven ability to provide responsive and reliable last mile application call support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, make us stands out from another web host provider in this region.

3 Different Special Plans

Just What Your Business Needs

Basic Plan

Cluster Server

Why Clustered Server?

Clustered Hosting is a hosting that is designed to take over the role of another host server within a cluster. This practice dispose of the danger ingrained in a single point of failure, and makes more dynamic use of network resources.

Advantages –

-Completely Scalable Solution

-High Availability

-Absolutely Reliable

-Easy to Configure

What are You Getting From It?

1 Main Dedicated Web Server

1 Backup Dedicated Web Server

1 Master Database Servers

1 FailOver Master Database Servers

Managed Services

24/7 Support Team


Enhanced Plan

Load Balancer on Clustered Server

Why Load Balancer?

Using Load Balancing means efficiently distributing the incoming network traffic across a group of back-end servers. This plan is for the Oversized Companies, Businesses with growing Incoming traffic and the Businesses that needs High Availability.

What are the Advantages?

-Increased Scalability (Balanced Traffic)

-Redundancy (Automatic Traffic Transfer)

-Reduced Downtime, Increased Performance

-Efficiently Manages Failures (Backup Servers to Overtake)

-Increased Flexibility (No More Posponed Maintenance)


What are You Getting From It?

1 Load Balancer

3 Main Dedicated Web Server

1 Master Database Servers

Managed Services

24/7 Support Team



Premium Plan

Redundancy On Clustered Server

Why Redundancy?

Redundancy means utilizing a set of technique, technologies and tools to verify that the availability of a service is gained by mirroring all the required infrastructure for its functioning. Redundant hosting tries to protect you with a backup that takes over within minutes, or seconds.

What are the Advantages?

-No chance of Absolute Power Break Down

-Handle Various Uninterrupted Power Supply

-Improves Reliability of Power Servers

-Efficiently Manage Failures

-Reduced Downtime, Increased Performance


What are You Getting From It?

2 Load Balancer

2 Main Switches

2 Main Dedicated Web Server

2 Master Database Servers

Managed Services

24/7 Support Team



Key Features of Clustered Hosting!

Soon others will follow and here is why?



 Easy Set-Up

Simply let our WebServer Experts take away all your problems by setting up your new Cluster Solution.



Enough! No more shabby work! We have more experience than most hosting provider in the industry.


 High Availability

Your website remains continuously operational for a desirably long length of time. 100% No Downtime.


 Intelligent Load Balancing

Load Balancing increases capacity (concurrent users) and reliability of applications. (Definitely Efficient)



Uninterrupted Service

Your work will be totally un-interrupted if any calamity occurs, we provide 24/7 customer support.


Dedicated SSL Certificates

Gain confidence to transact with your web site, providing security for your online Communication.


Pro-Cluster Support

Proven for 17 years. We are committed to respond to you real time for all support calls.


Scalability Guranteed

Able to cope and perform under increased workload. Your system will cope well on any given situation.

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Hosting Features

Proven since 1999

Proven since 1999

Trusted Hosting

Experience of transporting over 10 million emails daily and managing over 500 servers for clients across 70 countries. Assuring you peace of mind  when you choose us.

Together with our experience, Google has chose us to be their Authorized Reseller for G Suite. Our specialised migration team will assist you in your migration when you use us.

Satisfied Clients

Satisfied Clients

Peace of Mind

Our recent survey shows that 98% of our clients are satisfied and happy with the services we provided. Assuring you quality service and respond time is our commitment.

Complete Hosting

Complete Hosting

Outsourced Solutions

We undertake all your web hosting infrastructures. We help your business to reduce IT infrastructure cost via complete outsourcing.

24/7 Live Support

24/7 Live Support

Reliable and Responsive

Nothing compare to be able to speak to someone when time in needs. Our professionally trained support team work around the clock to serve you.

Referral Clients

Referral Clients

Referred Clients

Most clients come to us via referrals. We have done mostly the right things that 92.5% of our existing customers would recommend our service to others.