Branding with customer service

There are many ways to brand a company aside from advertising and promotional activities. Another way is through branding with customer service that can link the psychology of a brand and take customers into a new level. It can be a powerful way to bring the brand and the whole organization to life.

Customer service reflects the internal culture of a brand and organization to consistently deliver a distinctive message of the brand’s identity. Many people find brand to be good but still decide to go for others because they found the poor and inconsistent customer service that tarnish the image of the brand. By focusing on developing customer service, a brand can gain a form of competitive advantage.

Brand fails sometimes because customer service failed to align with the organizational value. Customer service should always represent the culture of the organization and closely aligned with its brand. Thus internal communication plays an important role to ensure a brand is resonated within organization.

A few ways to improve brand through customer service is to have consistency in advertising and brand intent through customer service. Special training for call routine, interaction, resolution and other proactive outbound communication must be carried out consistently.

The HR also plays an important role to ensure the recruitment of staff’ have the right values and objectives that are at least close to the desired quality to reach brand congruency. So training for all staff across customer-facing and back-office operations should be carried out The branding of customer service can help to link brand proposition to selling style and message.