5 Reasons to Choose Sucuri Web Application Firewall (WAF) as your Website Security Solution.

  1. You might come across with What is WAF, and the importance of having a Web Application Firewall to protect your website. In short, a Web Application Firewall will acts as a defense system to prevent malicious attacks by filtering on the network traffic to and from your website.

This information is to introduce you with an all-in-one Web Application Firewall, Sucuri WAF which provides with everything you need in protecting your website.

  1. Professional and Experienced Website Security Solution

Sucuri Web Application Firewall provide you with tons of security features that you might spending lots of money to get it from other website security solutions. With Sucuri WAF, you will enjoy but not limited to the features below:

  • DDoS Mitigation and Prevention
  • Zero-Day Exploits Prevention
  • Brute Force Protection
  • Malware Removal Custom
  • Load Balancing / Failover
  1. Cloud Based Web Application Firewall

Sucuri is a website security solution that comes with cloud-based features, to ensure its availability and effectiveness as compared to downloaded software. With it, we can get a peace of mind worrying about our website is secured or not. Besides, Sucuri WAF preform their software and virus database update frequently at Sucuri Cloud without affecting our connectivity.

  1. User Friendly and Easy Setup

Sucuri suits well to your website no matter it is built by CMSs (WordPress, Drupal and Django) or hard-coded. Cloud-based feature make this website security solution make no effect on your website itself. It just diverts your traffic through Sucuri Cloud for scanning before directing it to your site. No additional extension is added, make no burden for your website.

  1. Website Security with Performance Booster

Normally, Security and Performance will be like the crest and trough which you could only get one at a time. But what makes Sucuri different from other website security solution is it comes with an Anycast Network that is distributed globally. Which means your visitor traffic will be captured by the nearest Sucuri Cloud and it boosts the transition of the traffic and perform traffic checking along the way.

  1. Universal Website Security Solution

One of important reasons we choose Sucuri WAF is because it is a universal website security solution. It is the most valuable solution to enhance your website security when comes to its pricing and features. Premium & complete features are provided along with a reasonable pricing, makes it affordable to everyone for website securing.

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