Best Dedicated Server Malaysia with Free Server Setup and 24/7 Support

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Best Dedicated Server Malaysia with Free Server Setup and 24/7 Support

WebServer MY experience in offering Dedicated Server Malaysia plan. A customised yet complete server is allocated for a dedicated use of a company, application or website. We have proven to provide reliable, fastest and secure dedicated server to all our customers. We help you getting your server up immediately and for a limited time, we offer free server setup.


hostingComplete Outsourced Hosting Solution

Our dedicated server provides a complete outsourced hosting solution. Very experienced and well-trained team undertake all your web infrastructure tasks. Thus, our Dedicated Server designed to reduce IT infrastructure and cost.

two-buildingsSecure and Reliable Infrastructure

Reliability and Security are two important factors that we must not compromised in web hosting. We don’t hesitate to invest in infrastructure development. We have included  managed firewall services in order to secure your servers.

telemarketer (1)24/7 Live Support

Our proven ability to provide responsive and reliable last mile application support, call and live chat support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, make us stands out from another web host provider in this region.






Hard Disk

IP address

Bandwidth allocated

Managed Services

Data Backup

Software Firewall

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

SiteGuard Security Services

Monthly Transfer




Intel Xeon Quad Core E3 Server

32 GB

2 x 1TB

2 x IPv4

100 Mbps








24/7 Friendly Call Support

Please feel free to call us at +603-2714 2263 during office hours (GMT+8) or call +603-2770 2803 during extended hours

* Please refer to Dedicated Server Recommended Upgrades for more information on Windows Server OS

* Limited units per client / company.

* Combine bandwidth are strictly prohibited.

Recommended Upgrades for Dedicated Server

Recommended Upgrades for Dedicated Server

(*Not Applicable for Dedicated Server Promotion)


Control PanelAdd-Ons SoftwaresBandwidthAdditional IP and LAN portManaged ServicesCyren Premium AntispamAdditional Firewall

Plesk 8.2 LINUX (for 10 domain) RM32.00 /month

with GST RM33.92 /month

Plesk 8.2 LINUX (for 100 domains) RM99/month

with GST RM104.94 /month

Plesk 8.2 LINUX Unlimited RM159.00/month

with GST RM168.54 /month

Plesk 8.2 Windows (for 10 domain) RM32.00 /month

with GST RM33.92 /month

Plesk 8.2 Windows (for 100 domains) RM99 /month

with GST RM104.94 /month

Plesk 8.2 Windows Unlimited RM159.00 /month

with GST RM168.54 /month

CPanel (Linux) * Unlimited Domains RM179.00 /month

with GST RM189.74 /month

Direct Admin (Linux) * Unlimited Domains RM136.00 /month

with GST RM144.16 /month

Operating System

MS SQL Database

SmarterMail 15.0 Professional

SmarterMail 15.0 Enterprise

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

Every 1Mbps (Local Route Only:International Ratio | 75:25 ) RM350.00 /month

with GST RM371.00 /month

1 IP Address RM150.00 /year

with GST RM165.00 /year

LAN Port RM00.00 /month

Click here to know more about Managed Services

Standard to Basic RM250.00 /month

with GST RM265.00 /month

Standard to Enhance RM500.00 /month

with GST RM530.00 /month

(required upgrade protection plan)

Cyren Premium Antispam for 250 Mailboxes RM1,170.00 /Year

with GST RM1,240.20 /year

Cyren Premium Antispam for 500 Mailboxes RM1,640.00 /Year

with GST RM1,738.40 /year

Cyren Premium Antispam for 1,000 Mailboxes RM2,110.00 /Year

with GST RM2,236.60 /year

Cyren Premium Antispam for 2,000 Mailboxes RM2,580.00 /Year

with GST RM2,734.80 /year

Cyren Premium Antispam for Unlimited Mailboxes RM3,285.00 /Year

with GST RM3,482.10 /year

Shared Firewall RM180.00 /month + RM180 (setup fee)

with GST RM190.80 /month + with GST RM190.80 /month

Managed Dedicated Firewall RM360.00 /month + RM360 (setup fee)

with GST RM381 /month + with GST RM381.60 /month



Facilities that working hard to keep your website up 99.95% of the time

Listen to what our clients says about our service

Facts Why Clients Use Our Dedicated Servers

Proven since 1999

Proven since 1999

Trusted Hosting

Experience of transporting over 10 million emails daily and managing over 500 servers for clients across 70 countries.

Highly Secured

Highly Secured

Reputation Management

All servers and appliances are secured with managed firewall. Our Managed Firewall Team work 24/7 to keep your server secured.

Reliable Infrastructure

Reliable Infrastructure

Total Reliability

We are not stingy when in come to infrastructure investment. We use only proven servers and appliance such as Dell, Intel, CISCO etc.

Satisfied Clients

Satisfied Clients

Peace of Mind

Our recent survey shows that 98% of our clients are satisfied and happy with the services we provided. Assuring you quality service and respond time is our commitment.

Complete Hosting

Complete Hosting

Outsourced Solutions

We undertake all your web hosting infrastructures. We help your business to reduce IT infrastructure cost via complete outsourcing.

24/7 Live Support

24/7 Live Support

Reliable and Responsive

Nothing compare to be able to speak to someone when time in needs. Our professionally trained support team work around the clock to serve you.