Youtube video hosting vs personal hosting

Video has become one of the most popular files that are being share on the internet. On Myspace, Youtube, Facebook and other websites, videos have become an increasingly important use for education, entertainment and business. But when it comes to hosting video, where would be the best place for you to keep it and what are the issues that might occur within these choices.

Videos in any format are always stored in the hardware system of disk space in a server. The real concern is who owns the server and what are the pros and cons for choosing to host by other free service and hosting it on a purchased server. There are 5 things that anyone should consider before choosing to host videos on a free video hosting site such as Youtube or hosting through a paid service.


When a video is hosted under other free video hosting provider, it is generally more visible and its availability for public to view and even download the videos are more likely. Video hosting sites such as Youtube gives maximum visibility for almost all kinds of video sharing and receives daily visitors of up to million. So if you intend to fully push your video content for maximum publicity. A free video hosting site may be your option.


When it comes to the stability of the speed and loading connection of a video, a paid application hosting can almost guarantees the allocation speed is always there for you to use. There is no competition with thousands of other video owners competing for the speed and your visitors experience a more stable video playing.


If you intend to use video for business and for  any sort of confidential information, a paid hosting would be obvious enough to be a better choice to protect the rights of these videos as the owner of the videos will have the full control over the access level to specific people.


Needless to say, if you intend to host a long video of up to 100mb and above you are better off with the paid hosting service. Free video hosting provider only allow very limited size of videos to be uploaded to their server and it must be within the specific format that could be used for streaming effectively.


A free video hosting may get videos the visibility, but the identity may not be rooted within the impression. This mean company who is trying to build their branding identity through their videos may not be able to fully create a strong identity. Unlike the paid hosting, you can store your video in your own rights, format and configure more settings to make it appear exactly as you want and getting a personalized domain name to fit the identity.


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