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Webserver.com.my Organizes E-commerce and PayPal Workshop

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Webserver.com.my Organizes E-commerce and PayPal Workshop

Kuala Lumpur, July 30 – Malaysia pioneer web hosting provider Webserver.com.my organizes workshop to educate clients about E-commerce business and the integration of PayPal as online payment gateway.

Joined by PayPal representor Sherlyn Chong, the 3 hours workshop covers the talk about web hosting for E-commerce and how the integration of PayPal as online payment gateway system can help to increase online business.

“Webserver is proud to provide such informative workshop to increase the awareness for everyone about the greater possibilities for business that lies within the future of E-commerce with a reliable payment gateway system such as PayPal” — said Alfred Lim, chief executive officer of Webserver.com.my.

Webserver.com.my has recently signed up as a Channel Partner of PayPal, the world’s leading online payment provider to provides its clients with PayPal integration service on E-commerce web hosting and would also be promoting latest offers by PayPal in long term.

Webserver’s E-commerce web hosting package comes with comprehensive managing system for E-commerce that include variety of features such as shopping cart and web templates.

Webserver.com.my has 11 years of experience in the web hosting industry and has created a reputation for its secure and reliable benchmark for multiple backup of server hosting. A joint group by experienced leaders and staffs, Webserver.com.my focuses on the quality of mission critical hosting that delivers 24/7 last mile application support for better security and reliability. Webserver’s technology and expertise provides a unique experience on the highest level of speed, redundancy, data protection and responsiveness for web hosting service. (https://www.webserver.com.my).

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