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Webserver.com.my offers web hosting buying in à la carte style

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Webserver.com.my offers web hosting buying in à la carte style

Kuala Lumpur, February 17 – Malaysia pioneer web hosting provider Webserver.com.my is offering their Simply Irresistible web hosting plan that allows customers to choose their hosting parts separately.

Webserver’s customers now have a choice to choose what they want in web hosting specifically with their new Simply Irresistible à la carte plan that tailors to their affordability and requirement for their websites.

“Because many people find it hard to compromise the specification set in web hosting packages, they are often put in dilemma to choose the closest plan that contains their need, the Simply irresistible à la carte plan will gives customers to put the ingredient they want into their web hosting recipe.” said Alfred Lim, chief executive officer of Webserver.com.my.

This plan is also tailored for the concern of affordability and satisfaction where customers can test it for 30 days trial of web hosting that also include the transfer of domain name, pre-installed WordPress, one email address and DNS hosting, all for no cost.

About WebServer.com.my

Webserver.com.my has 11 years of experience in the web hosting industry and has created a reputation for its secure and reliable benchmark for multiple backup of server hosting. A joint group by experienced leaders and staffs, Webserver.com.my focuses on the quality of mission critical hosting that delivers 24/7 last mile application support for better security and reliability. Webserver’s technology and expertise provides a unique experience on the highest level of speed, redundancy, data protection and responsiveness for web hosting service. (https://www.webserver.com.my).

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