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Webserver.com.my offers discount on .MX domain

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Webserver.com.my offers discount on .MX domain

Kuala Lumpur, July 8 – Malaysia pioneer web hosting provider Webserver.com.my is offering special discount on Mexican top level domain name .MX for up to 60 percent.

Starting from 1st September to 30st September 2010, Webserver.com.my will be offering it’s new domain registration .MX with the following price:

Registration Term Promotional Price
1 Year RM 1888
2 Years RM 260
3 Years RM 330
4 Years RM 388
5 Years RM 430

The promotion is set to benefit websites who focuses their clients in Mexico with the economy of Mexico rapidly expanding and with over 30,000,000 active internet users in the country. The registration term starts from at least one year and longest for five years.

About WebServer.com.my

Webserver.com.my has 11 years of experience in the web hosting industry and has created a reputation for its secure and reliable benchmark for multiple backup of server hosting. A joint group by experienced leaders and staffs, Webserver.com.my focuses on the quality of mission critical hosting that delivers 24/7 last mile application support for better security and reliability. Webserver’s technology and expertise provides a unique experience on the highest level of speed, redundancy, data protection and responsiveness for web hosting service. (https://www.webserver.com.my).

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