Webserver.com.my is The First Web Host in Malaysia to Offer ColdFusion 4.5 Unix Hosting Service! - Malaysia Web Hosting, Server, VPS, Domain | WebServer MY

Webserver.com.my is The First Web Host in Malaysia to Offer ColdFusion 4.5 Unix Hosting Service!

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Webserver.com.my is The First Web Host in Malaysia to Offer ColdFusion 4.5 Unix Hosting Service!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (January 1, 2001) – As the New Year approach, WebServer.com.my once again create another first. In view of the increase of Internet Application deployment in small to medium size organisation in Malaysia. WebServer.com.my see the great potential in application hosting as more users globally are using Unix version of Cold Fusion as their web application development tools.

Adding to its existing hosting packages, WebServer.com.my become the first web host in Malaysia to provide Allaire Cold Fusion 4.5 hosting hosted on Linux / Unix platform.

“As an introduction, we decided to run a New Year Premium Hosting Promotion Package, which will provide users an economy path to host their application driven web site with us”, says Mr. Wong, Product Manager of WebServer.com.my. On why it take so long to launch this hosting package, Mr. Wong added that much time has been spend on research and development to ensure the maximum reliability of the server and all vital aspect of security threat are look into. Training of support staffs and rescue personnel are given due consideration to make sure that there is no compromise in customer assistance whenever client need arises.

“We are expecting an overwhelming respond to this introductory offer”, says Mr. SL Lim, President and CEO of WebServer.com.my. “Outsourcing the hosting to us is most viable for small and medium or even multi-nationals organisation. As compared to the cost of investment required for organisation to invest on web servers, network operating software, trained human expertise and other tele-communication and network infrastructure, our web hosting services will allow organisation to tap on our years of network experience and our million dollars infrastructure at only a very small fraction of the overall cost”, he added.

The latest promotion is available on both NT and Unix Platform. In addition to the standard features readily available, some of the great features include 40% price reduction, 40% increase in web space allocation, MySQL or MS Access support and PHP4 or ASP support. All users who sign up during this promotion period will enjoy our Life-time Price Protection Guarantee, where users will continue to enjoy the special pricing upon their annual renewal as long as they remain to be WebServer.com.my clients.

About WebServer.com.my

WebServer.com.my is a Web hosting and Internet solutions provider serving over thousands of individual consumers and businesses in over 20 countries worldwide. WebServer.com.my has been consistent in providing honest, reliable and responsive web host support to its clients worldwide. WebServer.com.my offers turnkey services ranging from initial domain name registration to custom dedicated servers for e-commerce on today’s Web. The company offers innovative packages and services to the Internet community.

The WebServer.com.my Network Operations Center is located in telco-grade facility with diesel generator backup and temperature controlled secure environment with full redundant UPS capability. All equipments are fully tested and configured for optimal performance as well as daily Web server backups and full fire protection to guard against any data loss. To deliver speed and reliability, WebServer.com.my’s servers are connected to OC48 lines from two diverse Internet backbones to total more than 2.5 Megabits of available bandwidth.

Call +603-981 9329 for more information, or visit online at www.WebServer.com.my.

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