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Sucuri – 24/7 Protection & Support, Secure and Protect Your Website

Sucuri, a cloud-based website monitoring and security provider, which will secure and fix hacks and data-breaches on your website. With it, you will not require to worry about your website from being exposed to threats.  In which we protect your website traffic and from insidious attacks such as DDoS attack on your valuable data using WAF Security.   (Web Application Firewall).


Full Coverage Protection

Sucuri provides with a full coverage protection range from Malware & Server-side Scanner to Website Defense as well as Threats & Virus Prevention. It keeps your website safe and prevent future websites attack from any kinds.


Immediate & Accurate Detection

Sucuri’s patented invention on code anomalies and heuristic detection will detect website threats via malicious signature. That could be provided by any types of malware, including Phishing, Backdoors, Data Breaching, SQL injection, etc. Hence, greatly reduce the possibilies of giving false alerts to customers.

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Zero-Day Prevention

Sucuri Website Firewall (WAF) consists of a great defensive database, which captures all possible vulnerables and prevent them ahead from vulnerability exploitations. So, no need to panic on creating patch to rescue the attack. It will help you to prevent the exploitations even before the attack started!


Perfomance Booster

Sucuri has overpowered others in providing Website Protection as it not only providing typical website protection and backup service as others does. It also boosts up your Website Performance as optimises the website loading speed by 70% with Smart Multiple Caching in Global Content Delivery Network (CDN).


Universal Website Defense Solution

No matter what your website is an E-Commerce Website, Enterprise Website, Agency Website, Education Website or Personal Blog. Thus, it will become a useful tools for you to keep your website safe.

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Malaysia’s Trustworthy Service Provider with 24/7 Live Support
Last but not least, our proven ability to provide responsive and reliable last mile application call support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, make us stands out from other web host providers in this region. Besides, our experties will provide an immediate and accurate support on any queries you might facing.

What happens when my website gets hacked?

Brute Force Attack

Break your websites security firewalls and slow down your performance

Brute Force Attack is also known as dictionary attack which an automated software will designed to attempt trial-and-error on a user password. Besides, it also slow down your website’s performance!

Sucuri Website Firewall use a combination of detection methods and whitelisting to scan and restrict malicious bots as well as entries from public to your website.

SEO Spamming

Dirty SEO infection may take advantage from your website

Dirty SEO will hide in your website and injecting your website with a lot of unnessary and malicious links. These links will affect your website and branding reputations by all search engines and finally damage your sales performances.

By Sucuri Website Firewall, SEO infections will be even blocked before diffused into your website. Protect and maintain the good reputations of your website as you wish.

Zero-Day Exploit

Hackers will hacked into your website through vulnerabilities and data breaches

Zero-Day Exploit is a hacking approach towards your website by identifying and abusing your website vulnerabilities to hack into your website. The vulnerabilities will underlying in your website and hard to identify and protect.

Sucuri Website Firewall which consists of a great defensive database will protect your website from being attacked by blocking Virus & Malware, Phishing and other attack approaches.

Complete Hosting

Online Payment Compliance

Data leak results heavy financial loss

Sucuri’s Website Firewall can protect you against data leak and comply with the global credit card information security standards!

Complete Hosting

High Network Security

Protection against DDoS

Dedicated clean pipe allocation to protect your website against DDoS attempt to bring down your website.

Complete Hosting

Web Attacks

Gateway to every hack attack

Web attack is like a basic step in website hacking that all hackers must go through. It results in malware proliferation.


Number of Website

 Number of Webpage

Web Application Firewall (WAF) 

Malware Removal Custom

SSL Certificate Support


DDOS Attack Mitigation

Block Hack Attempts

Prevent Zero-Day Exploits

Load Balancing / Failover

Intrusion Detection System

Brute Force Protection


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