WE PROVIDE Get Started An encryption technology that ensures the interconnectivity between two or more systems is secure and encrypted from unauthorized access


WE PROVIDE Get Started SSL Geotrust provides the most cost-effective SSL Certificates which include their cheapest price of EV SSL Certificate as compared in the market.


WE PROVIDE Get Started Symantec provides the best in class security with strong encryption (and Green Address Bar) that best suit for different situation such as internal network, public website as well as transitional phase


WE PROVIDE Get Started Thawte had become one of leading global Certificate Authority (CA) that provide digital security certificates for more than 20 years


WE PROVIDE Get Started RapidSSL Certificate provides you with a Cheapest SSL Certificate solution for website encryption



What is SSL Certificate ?

How this can help

Why SSL Certificate?

Encrypt & protect sensitive information

Protect sensitive and confidential business information from being accessed or exploited by unauthorized authority.

Increase your Site Ranking

aving an SSL also will enable your site to achieve a better ranking as it is promised to protect the website with proper measure of encryption.

Keep data secure between the servers

Encryption can prevent hackers from stealing information.


SSL certificates such as OV or EV certificates usually require the company actual information and legal documents for registration, that encryption service will only provide after the reliability of the information is assured.

Pricing Plans


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Domain Validation
Organization Validation
Extended Validation
Green Address Bar

Types of

SSL Encryption Certification

Domain Validated (DV) Certificates

DV certificate validates the domain ownership only, which SSL certificate recognizes the validity of the domain only but not including the validity of the owner or business of the domain.

  • Cheap in price
  • Rapid and easy to obtain
  • No authentication documents required
  • Less trustworthy, and does not ensure the organization identity
  • Suitable for small business or personal website
  • Best brands for DV certificates: Rapid SSL , SSL Thawte

Organization Validation (OV) Certificates

OV Certificate validates the domain ownership and organization details who owns the domain, user can check on the details on the browsers. Ensure a higher authentic level of the domain.

  • Moderate in price
  • Require a longer time to prepare
  • Some authentication documents required
  • Trustworthy, ensure the validity of the organization who owns the domain
  • Suitable for most of business website, e-commerce website
  • Best brands for OV certificates: GeoTrust SSLSSL Symantec

Extended Validation (EV) Certificates

EV Certificate provides the highest trustworthy degree of a domain. It provides the most complete verification checking for the domain, organization, locations and other identity verification. This type of certificate ensures the unique and absolute authority of the domain by a business.

  • Pricing varies based on the feature provided by the certificates
  • Require a longer time to prepare
  • More authentication documents required for accurate validation
  • Most Trustworthy, ensure the absolute authority of the domain and the ownership
  • Suitable for most of business website, e-commerce website
  • Best brands for EV certificates: SSL ThawteGeoTrust SSLSSL Symantec



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Protect Users' information

256-bit point-to-point encryption technology prevent user privacy information so that they won't be stolen and codified. Your client will feel safe to shop on your website.

Protect your website

The Sucuri Firewall is a cloud-based WAF that stops website hacks and attacks. Ensure website is secure and let you gain peace of mind.