Azure Site Recovery for

Malaysia Business Continuity Plan

IT/Business Disaster Recovery Services with the Best in Class RPO and RTO.

You might come across with Business Disaster Recovery or Site Recovery in your mind. You also might aware that danger of an IT “disaster” that will result a huge impact to your business. And most of the time, IT “disasters” will lead to an unexpected data loss or result to a sudden change towards the application or data structures. Thus, a business continuity plan and instant failover with outstanding RPO and RTO is a necessary measure to maintain your website & business online.

Why I need Azure Site Recovery ?

Cost Effective

Azure Cloud Disaster Recovery Services will help you to save costs on additional expenses including hardware and experts to preform IT disaster recovery and business failover.

Data Replicate

With Microsoft Azure Site Recovery, data in your site can be replicated easily and synchronously to the cloud which is host by Microsoft Azure for disaster recovery.

Failover Test

Microsoft Azure Site Recovery allow users to simulate & test disaster recovery plan by using ASR failover test feature without impacting your site performance and quality.

Business Continuity and Recovery Plan

Azure Site Recovery will replicate an Azure VM at the cloud. Which will perform disaster recovery & failover on site. Guarantees a short downtime for business continuity.

Outstanding Recovery Point Objective

As a Business Recovery Plan, ASR creates a crash-recovery point with a frequency of 5 minutes. IT & Business Disaster Recovery can be performed with least data loss.

Best in class Recovery Time Objective

Azure Site Recovery only take as low as 30 minutes to complete a failover/disaster recovery. Ensuring your business compliance and satisfaction with a reliable recovery time.

Business Continuity and
Disaster Recovery Strategy by Microsoft Azure

Almost Zero

The Best Cloud Disaster Recovery Service to keep your site online although any IT “disaster” occur.

Customisable Recovery Plan

Create a unique disaster recovery structure that suits your business continuity plan.

Trustable solution with low cost

Get a peace of mind with only a low-cost business continuity plan.