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Webserver.com.my Introduce Renewal Reminder on SMS.

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Webserver.com.my Introduce Renewal Reminder on SMS.



Dear Valued Users,

Thank you for registering your domain name and/or hosting your website with WebServer.com.my. We truly appreciate your continuous support. As we continue to provide new users’ experience for all our clients, we are now at the new phase of adding more values to your business.

We are glad to introduce to you the SMS renewal reminders. Knowing the serious consequences of not renewal the said services promptly, this SMS renewal reminders will act as a supplement to the existing e-mail renewal reminders. This new services will come handy into your mobile devices at no additional charge.

Please leverage on this new service by accessing to our CRM at https://billing.webserver.com.my/wcp/clientarea.php today to update your existing profiles(My Details). Please tick “Please send me SMS notifications” and include your mobile number to receive SMS renewal notifications.

Thank you and wishing you a pleasant day today.


Webserver Team


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