Password enhancement for Smartermail users

Password enhancement for Smartermail users

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Password enhancement for Smartermail users

Dear Valued Customers,

With our continuous efforts to provide you better email security, we’d like to introduce you the 4 easy steps to creating a better security email. Effective from the 7th December, all new Smartermail users would now enhance their email securities by applying the 4 easy guidelines as below:-

Easy step 1: Choose at least 5 characters for your password.
Easy step 2: Use at least one number with your password.
Easy step 3: Make sure at least one letter is in lower case.
Easy step 4: Make sure that the password is different from the username.

The new guideline would strengthen your email’s security and prevent unauthorized party to access your account (due to weak password) to send unsolicited emails, causing email’s IP to be blacklisted and blocked by recipient’s email server.

EXISTING USERS would automatically receive a setup screen prompt to change password. Please proceed by entering the following passwords:-

01. OLD Password
02. New Password
03. Confirm New Password

* Please note that this notification is only applicable for web-based Smartermail users under SHARED mail servers. It’s NOT eligible for Virtual Private Server and also Dedicated Server.

Feel free let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Customer Care Division

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