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Managed Firewall

With the attacks proliferating the Web, securing your servers is becoming inevitable. Webserver provide you the secured firewall solution to protect your server from unwanted intrusion. Our experienced security engineers monitor your firewall appliances to trace attacks or intrusion attempts. In addition to it as part of this service, we would periodically perform vulnerability assessments.

Especially today’s mission-critical information must be reliably and dynamically protected from unauthorized access, sabotage, and viruses. So you cannot achieve this with a one-off purchase of hardware and software or by employing staff who aren’t fully conversant with security issues. Furthermore WebServer Managed Firewall service is a total firewall solution. It begins with onsite configuration followed by implementation of hardware and software with guaranteed service levels. It works in combination with Webserver VPN or Dedicated Connect services. To provide entirely secure networking and connectivity across local and foreign country.

Therefore to offer the best available package, Webserver has also partnered with two of the world’s leading producers of state-of-the-art firewall software components, hardware and service. Check Point and Netscreen. Furthermore the leading-edge hardware and software solutions are backed up with 24/7 customer care and support. Which includes monthly consultation, an optional free back-up unit, remote and on-site maintenance, reconfiguration, software upgrades, patches, and security incident management.

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