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Enhance Your Cold Fusion 5.0 and MS SQL 2000 Hosting Experience with WebServer

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Enhance Your Cold Fusion 5.0 and MS SQL 2000 Hosting Experience with WebServer

Monday March, 18, 2002
Company Press Release

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (March, 2002) – Since Webserver.com.my has began providing services in 1989, we have always strived to provide the kind of hardware, software and services to the benefit of our clients. As new versions of software come out we carefully review the new features offered in each version and weigh their benefits against any potential problems with the use of the software. Having done this once again, we are proud to announce the adoption of Macromedia Cold Fusion 5.0 and MS SQL 2000.

Macromedia has been a leader in Web development since the early days when it introduced its multimedia content delivery system “Shockwave Flash.” Due to its merger with Allaire, Macromedia has also gotten into the Cold Fusion business. Cold Fusion, or more specifically Cold Fusion Markup Language (CFML), is a tag-based scripting language used to develop and deploy Web sites faster. It is similar to PHP in terms of what it is used for.

Macromedia’s Cold Fusion is very flexible. To store the huge amounts of data that go along with Web pages, ColdFusion uses ODBC to work with many different types of databases. Macromedia offers unstructured content searching so that users don’t have to sift through a million and a half pages of text to find what they are looking for.

ColdFusion 5.0 has many new features and improvements over version 4.5. Macromedia took the solid foundation of 4.5, incorporated many new features that developers had been asking for, then made the server faster. Due to the excellent improvements to CFML language, the new archiving function making deployment easier, and significant increase in server performance, we are excited to offer the best currently offered in Cold Fusion development hosting.

Below is an exert from Cnet News on their report about Cold Fusion 5.0:

CNET Review (24/7/01) – ColdFusion 5.0 represents a solid step forward for this popular application server. While not a revolutionary upgrade (for that you’ll have to wait for ColdFusion 6.0 and its Java-based engine), it offers enough enhancements to prompt existing users to move up and ample power to reign in new advocates. It appears that for the vast majority of developers who are building Web applications, Macromedia has hit the bull’s-eye.

To enhance your Cold Fusion 5.0 and MS SQL 2000 hosting experience with Webserver.com.my, we now offer much faster servers especially designed to provide optimum processing of your Cold Fusion site. Our clients tell us that because of the faster servers along with the firewall and antivirus protection for our servers, they feel like their businesses run optimally and are very safe in our hands. The position of Webserver.com.my on this is, after all, we are entrusted with these company’s Internet business presence, and that is a responsibility we take very seriously.

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