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e-Newsletter issue #8 – November

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e-Newsletter issue #8 – November

e-Newsletter issue #8 – November

Domain name and its SEO friendliness

All words in website are recorded by search engine’s crawlers from time to time so it can find out what the website is about and where it should be categorized for better search results. The keywords play a significant role to contribute to the popularity of a website in search engines. These keywords include what is chosen for domain names.

Domain name for a website is like the name of a company, but not everyone would use the name of their company as their domain name because at times it would be more effective to get an SEO tailored name than to keep their company’s name when they are just starting out their business. However, the choice of using a company or SEO tailored domain name can be equally effective, but if your company is still in the process of achieving global branding, you might opt to get a SEO tailored name.

An SEO tailored domain name would be a good stepping-stone to increase the chances to land on relevant search results. Using specific keywords such as ‘furniture’, ‘watches’, jewellery’ with the company name can have better result on search engine. E.g. www.marks-furniture.com, www.best-priced-watches.com, etc.

Domain name for SEO should also be customized according to the location of the targeted visitors by using the right TLD (Top Level Domain Name). If you’re targeting your website to Singapore’s market, you might consider the .sg TLD or if it’s a Malaysia market, you might consider .my TLD. This increases the chances of your website being shown on their result though you and your website may be located and hosted else where.

Find out more on how to enhance your search engine optimisation from blog.webserver.com.my or get your domain name now at Webserver.com.my

Featured Site

Graduate careers media, research, education and jobs

GRADMalaysia (gradmalaysia.com) – GRADMalaysia is a series of annual publications aimed at informing and attracting graduates into specific sectors. In addition to high-quality and independent editorials, they also provide factual information to help students choose between organisations and make applications. Titles in the series include Banking & Financial Services; Engineering; ICT and FMCG.

Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers (malaysias100.com) – Based on an independent survey conducted by trendence, Europe’s leading employer branding and marketing firm, these employers are voted for annually by Malaysian students. The Awards evening is held in November while the publication comes out in March the following year.

GTI also provides information and advice to students on undergraduate and postgraduate courses through its doctorjob and postgradasia (postgradasia.com) brands.

A strategic partner of GTI, JobsCentral is the fastest growing job portal in Malaysia and it offers busy HR recruiters and employers an easy-to-use and effective online platform for recruitment purposes. Backed by a large database of over 140,000 jobseekers who are predominantly graduates, JobsCentral aims to get the candidates you need for your jobs.

In addition, JobsCentral also provides the avenue for employers to brand themselves to the right audience. With a user-friendly and efficient web system plus friendly customer service, JobsCentral is your partner in innovative online recruitment and branding solutions.

Visit JobsCentral.com.my for more information or call us at +603-8945 9909 today.

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