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e-Newsletter issue #7 – October

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e-Newsletter issue #7 – October

Marketing digital products

Digital products are one of the best selling products on the internet and it is evolving to become more popular than tangible products. Many tangible products such as CDs, DVDs, books, etc are being converted into an intangible format where it can be delivered more conveniently to clients, hence this lead to the rise of online piracy. Despite that digital products can be one of the most lucrative business on the internet with its resources being virtually unlimited.

As digital products are abundant on the internet and there are always more than one website offering the same product, it is can be challenging to sell digital product unless you know how to market it effectively. This include knowing how to package your product, setting up your website using a reliable web hosting, handling the delivery option, managing payment system and getting the SEO right.

Providing the right delivery options for the clients are important. Different digital products require different delivery method and this varies from the size of the digital products. Small sizes of digital products such as MP3 or ebook can be easily delivered through email while others such as video and software require a large capacity of delivery format. Getting the right web and application hosting for selling digital products are imperative as you will need a reliable server to store all your resources.

Try Webserver.com.my for a reliable application hosting.

Featured Site


This month’s exclusive feature brings you Clamond who wants you to have good Feng Shui. Whether for business or for home, Clamond Ng provides metaphysical consultation for corporate and individual. He has been running the World of Feng Shui in Puchong since 2004. A master practitioner, Clamond Ng helps to solve different type of needs for everyone.

Clamond has been receiving publicity around nationwide from local media. He has also been invited to several reputable companies to provide Feng Shui and Economy Outlook for 2010. Clamond.com was started in July 2008 to expand his service to more people and to promote the art of Feng Shui around the world.

His services include:

  • On-site / Off-site Feng Shui Consultation (Local & International)
  • Property Selection
  • Luck Reading using Bazi
  • Seminar / Talk / Workshop
  • Supply bulk Feng Shui products for function or event

Visit www.clamond.com for more info now.

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