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e-Newsletter issue #6 – September

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e-Newsletter issue #6 – September

e-Newsletter issue #6 – September

Accepting profit through PayPal

Not just long ago, local online entrepreneurs are always frustrated when it comes to getting their hard-earned profit from internet to their hands because PayPal restricted withdrawing access through local bank in a few countries.

It was done because of the high record of fraudulent use of credit cards and the prevention for terrorist transaction. But that’s history since two years ago. PayPal have become increasingly popular in many countries since the change of policy that allow withdrawal of funds through local bank in many countries.

With that, it’s no wonder online business in many countries started to flourish to almost limitless business opportunities. There are some reasons why shoppers and sellers prefer PayPal over other types of online payment gateways.

  • PayPal offers 19 currencies and has 160 million accounts in 190 markets making it one of the most preferred online payment options for shoppers to trust. PayPal is the most preferred online payment option in Australia and UK.
  • Security and confidentiality is the primary concern when it comes to online payment for everyone. With PayPal, billing, personal and credit card information are never to be shared with anyone but yourself.
  • Fast and easy way for everyone to make payment is something that motivates people to use PayPal for many reasons. Aside from shopping online, PayPal is also commonly used for many personal payments i.e paying rental fees, loan, bank and etc. People use PayPal for many types of transaction, it’s a convenient internet wallet that will shape cyber transaction.
  • PayPal is cost effective compared to other types of online payment gateway. Registering for a PayPal account is at no cost and no monthly fees required. Users can choose to use credit card or debit card for their accounts.

So if you’re thinking to start your e-commerce business, get PayPal now and don’t forget to host PayPal’s partner, Webserver.com.my that provides PayPal integration for your website at no cost.

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Background about HR Matters Magazine

Dynamic, insightful and relevant, HR Matters brings to the fore, key issues in people management and business.

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