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e-Newsletter issue #5 – May

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e-Newsletter issue #5 – May

Accelerating web impression – How to enhance the speed of your website.

Speed is the selling factor today. The reason you buy a better car, washing machine and fast broadband internet because you are looking for a faster technology that can help you to work faster. Your website also has a speed factor that is partly controlled by you (web developer) and your web hosting provider.

The loading speed of your website will determine in seconds whether your visitors will instantly be mesmerized by the designed of your website, or feel frustrated with the slow loading and eventually exit your site.

So how fast your website loads on the browser screen does have a large impact on how your company is being perceived. While the factors that determine your site’s speed is not fully controlled by what is in your website, you can take the steps that are necessary on your part with the following:

  • Html errors – Ensuring all codes are in the right order and place is important. Any scripts that appears only to make the website more fancy is unnecessary. Keeping your HTML contents neat and clean will help to boost the speed of your website.
  • CSS codes – They are best to be included as an external file to enhance the speed and readability for the browser. The result may not be tremendous but the isolation of CSS file and HTML pages makes everything more manageable this way.
  • Flash – Usually for the purpose of interactive program, video or navigation for a site,. But it’s usually in a large file size that causes slow loading speed of a website. Try replacing Flash files with other static or smaller application file size if possible.
  • Images – Should always be kept within an appropriate file size and resolution to fit the screen. The pre-work of photo editing is essential to produce the right file size.
  • Bandwidth and space – You can always pay more to get more bandwidth and space for web hosting, but what’s more important is to ensure that your web hosting provider is a reliable one. That means they do not put your account in a server that is being shared with thousands of other clients that leaves you a smaller portion of bandwidth and space to use.

Read more about how to enhance the speed of your website from blog.webserver.com.my or simply drop us a call to find out more on how a reliable web hosting can help to improve your web’s speed and uptime consistency at 013 3082263 or 03 20322263

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Webserver.com.my has the privilege to visit the National Cancer Society of Malaysia on last month 23rd April. The event has made the day of Webserver’s staff more meaningful than usual. To be able to see and experience how this nongovernmental organization has been offering to the society.

The National Cancer Society of Malaysia (www.cancer.org.my) was founded in 1966 and is a not-for profit organization dedicated to preventing cancer and improving the quality of life of those living with cancers through patient care and education.

Their range of services include:

  • Cancer treatment Centre (Radiotherapy. High Dose Brachytherapy, Hormone Therapy
  • Childrens Home of Hope (Halfway home for cancer child and caregiver from outstation)
  • Nuclear Medicine Centre (Cancer Detection Investigative Services )
  • Resource and Wellness Centre (Support Group, Self-help Services, Library, Counselling)
  • Women’s Cancer Detection Centre (Digital Mammography, Pap Smear, Ultrasound).

Embracing the challenges faced by the people who are living with cancers, NCSM Online aims to take their fears away by providing a quality cancer information platform, which helps to empower a better informed treatment and quality of life decisions.

NCSM also organizes many different activities for patients with cancer to cope with and to have a more meaningful lifestyle. These include QiQong, Yoga and relaxation, Massage and Aromatherapy, Reiki, Support Group, Nutrition Advice, Post Mastectomy and Counselling.

One of NCSM’s popular event known as RFL (Relay For Life) has gained supports from over thousand of participations across 22 countries and Malaysians that have been united for this cause since 2007.

In the event, participants would take turns walking or running around the track and join surrounding activities. Proceeds from the event goes to supporting the work of NCSM in continuing to raise awareness, promote education and improve treatment and care for those affected by cancer.

To join the Relay For Life Kuala Lumpur 2010, visit www.cancer.org.my

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